Is She Sick? What Happened To Her?

Meg Ryan health has her fans concerned as she announced her return to the rom-com world with the film What Happens Later. 

Meg Ryan is a well-known Actress from the United States. Her acting career began in 1981 with the Drama film Rich and Famous, in which she made her debut. She joined the cast of the CBS soap opera As the World Turned in 1982.

Ryan made her directorial debut with Ithaca, a Drama film based on William Saroyan’s 1943 novel The Human Comedy. It was shot in Petersburg, Virginia, and had its world premiere in October at the Middleburg Film Festival.

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Meg Ryan Health Update: Is She Sick?

Meg Ryan is struggling to stay afloat due to a slew of health issues, according to Star magazine’s July 25 issue. “Meg has been on a downhill trajectory. 

She’s been in a lot of pain lately, and she’s had some tearful nights. “She’s also exacerbating her health issues by not eating or sleeping,” an insider tells the mag.

Meg Ryan Health
Meg Ryan Health before and after (source: houseandwhips)

She is improving because she has been going through therapy with her doctor, which has helped her regain her sleeping habits and anxiety attacks from her nightmares. She is doing well for a woman of her age.

However, despite being a well-known Actress, she became less prominent in the 2000s and 2010s. Very few people in today’s generation are familiar with Meg Ryan. This is due to the absence of this former Actress from the big screen.

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She was a victim of Hollywood ageism, one of the main reasons she did not appear after a certain age. 

Aside from that, her industry affairs led to her being labeled as the Scarlet Woman, and the roles she took to defy the typecast all contributed to a decline in her fame.

What Happened To Meg Ryan? Why Did She Quit Acting?

Meg is still active on social media and frequently updates her Instagram profile. Some of the Actress’s posts discuss politics, reminisce about her previous roles, and share her most recent projects. 

Meg announced her return to the rom-com world on May 3, 2022, with the film What Happens Later. Meg both directed and starred in the movie.

Meg Ryan
Meg Ryan At 2022 award show (source: thenetline)

Ryan has two children with ex-husband Dennis Quaid: Jack Quaid, 29, an Actor, and Daisy Ryan, 18, whom she adopted in 2006.

Ryan remarked of performing less in a 2019 interview with The New York Times Magazine, “I wasn’t as curious about acting as I was about other things that life might provide you.” 

How Much Is Meg Ryan Net Worth 2022?

Meg Ryan, an American producer and Actress, has an estimated net worth of $85 million as of 2022.

She performed in numerous big-budget films during her career and was one of the highest-paid actresses of her day.

Meg received $5 million for her role in the historical Drama I.Q. in 1994. In 1998, she was paid $8.5 million for her role in City of Angels. She was paid $10.5 million to appear in the film. The same year, she co-starred with Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail.

Meg’s primary residence was a stunning mansion in Los Angeles’ Bel-Air neighborhood for many years.

In 2009, she listed the House for $14.2 million, which sold for $11.1 million to a buyer. Years later, director James Han paid $18.5 million for the House.

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