Is Tony Umez dead? Where is Tony Umez Now?

This article is being published to address the ongoing viral death rumors of Tony Umez and inform people about the veteran actor’s health. On social media, many posts are spreading the news that veteran actor Tony Umez has passed away. Reportedly, the death rumors of the Nigerian actor stemmed from a WhatsApp message that has been forwarded many times. Now this news also captivated the attention of the people on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Therefore, we have been compelled to address this news and protect people from getting misled. You are suggested to read this article and take a look at the following sections if you are also scrambling to the internet regarding Tony Umez’s death news. Drag down the page.

Tony Umez

Where is Tony Umez Now?

First, we debunked the rumors claiming Tony Umez is dead. We don’t know how but this baseless news has been trending on every social media platform leaving his fans and netizens distressed. Despite there is no credibility in the news and no official statement has come up yet many people have believed the news and paid tribute to him. Kindly swipe down the page and know more details.

Tony Umez

As mentioned, the rumors stemmed from WhatsApp, a message that reads “Popular Nigerian actor Tony Umez passed away recently” sparked rumors on social media. But when we did some research on Tony Umez’s death news, we found that this news has no ground or base. We conclude that the Nigerian actor Tony Umez is safe and alive. In addition, he is living a healthy life and doing good at his place. The ongoing rumors about his demise are entirely false. You are advised to verify the sensitive news or claim before spreading it with others on social media where people easily get disturbed. Know more about him in the following section.

Tony Umez

Tony Umez is an actor who has established himself as one of the most renowned faces in the landscape of the Nollywood industry. He has been acting in Nollywood films since 1998 when he first time acted in the movie “Died Wretched: Buried in N2. 3m Casket”. As of now, Tony Umez has acted and appeared in more than two hundred films released in both Yoruba and English. Tony Umez’s unwavering contribution to the industry and talent for acting made him a popular figure across the world. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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