Is Xu Zhihui Arrested? Charged With Putting Cat In Blender

Is Xu Zhihui Arrested? Chinese food vlogger is said to be detained following his cat blending video. Find out more about him here.

Xu Zhihui is said to be a food vlogger from China whose name has been a hot topic of the Internet lately. His video has gone viral on multiple social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter.

Everyone online searches for “cat in a blender.” It is the video made by Xu where he puts a cat in a blender and blends them. Due to that, his video received much criticism.

The cat abuser’s video was widely shared on many platforms, and due to his cruelty, everyone was shocked. When the cat in a blender video went viral, many people weren’t familiar with the person behind it.

Is Xu Zhihui Arrested?

Yes, many online reports have claimed that Xu Zhihui has been arrested due to his cruel behavior towards cats as he blends them alive in a blender.

On social media, Xui Zhihui is famous as Jack Latiao. Reportedly, Xu has been capturing stray cats for a long time, brutally killing them, shooting cat abuse videos and uploading them on the Internet to show off and sell them.

Is Xu Zhihui Arrested
The person behind the cat blender video Xu Zhihui has been arrested. ( Source: Facebook )

Also, Zhihui is suspected of posting a lot of inappropriate remarks on the external network. After that, many people reported him due to the disturbing viral video as he abused cats. Due to that, Xui Zhihui was arrested on April 27, 2023. 

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Food Vlogger Xu Zhihui Charged With Putting a Cat in a Blender

As said earlier, Xu Zhihui was arrested on April 27, 2023, for putting a cat in a blender and blending them. According to a Police report, they received a report on April 26, 2023, from a group of people saying the cat had been stolen.

The cat thief was identified as Xu Zhihui, and they seemed for Police help. After that, they launched an investigation, and on March 15, Xu abused cats in a small forest in Lucheng Town, our county, and made a short video for sharing with the QQ group.

Xu Zhihui Charged
Xu Zhihui’s viral video of killing cats has dragged the eyes of many people. ( Source: Twitter )

After Xu’s viral video, everyone reported, and according to the relevant provisions of the “Public Security Management Punishment Law,” the public security organs detained Xu according to law. 

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Who Is Xu Zhihui? Person Behind Cat Blender Video 

Xu Zhihui is the person behind the cat blender video who abused and killed cats by putting them in a blender. He also made videos and shared them online that have dragged the eyes of many people.

Due to his act, Xu has been arrested, and he is still receiving backlash on social media. It is said that he also released an apology letter for his cruel act.

Xu Zhihui Cat
Xu Zhihui received criticism online due to his cruel act as he killed cats in a blender. ( Source: Twitter )

On April 27, 2023, Xu reportedly shared an apology letter asking for an apology from everyone for his cruel act of killing innocent cats alive in a blender. 

Many people have said that the letter seems to be fake, and they have also not forgiven him for his behavior. 

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