Istri Polisi Leaked Footage & Case

Luluk Nuril viral video has created a buzz on the internet. Keep reading this article to know more about her scandal and case updates.

Luluk Nuril is an entrepreneur and social media personality with a massive fan base on her social media accounts. She has a strong presence on TikTok, where she can be followed as @luluk.nuril.

At the time of this post, Luluk has gained over 900k followers. From her social media handles, she makes regular posts that get into the spotlight instantly.

Furthermore, Nuril’s name has been making rounds on the internet for the past few days, and it all started when her video went viral on social media.

In the viral video, Nuril was seen shouting at a female student who was reported to be interning at a supermarket in Probolinggo, East Java.

Luluk Nuril Viral Video Is Trending On The Internet

Luluk Nuril is making rounds on the web as her viral video has been searched by many people on the internet. As said earlier, she was captured in a video where she was seen shouting at a female student.

The female student is said to be interning at a supermarket in Probolinggo, East Java. Nuril’s video scolding a student went viral after it was posted on TikTok, which was shared at the end of August 2023.

Luluk Nuril Viral Video
Luluk Nuril made rounds on the internet after her video went viral on social media. ( Source: Twitter )

Besides that, Nuril also recorded several other clips in the car and told the chronology of events. Nuril admitted that she was angry because she felt she was being treated unfairly by an intern student.

Nuril said that the student had underestimated her when shopping and considered her unable to pay for the kids’ clothing products she chose in large quantities.

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All About Luluk Nuril Istri Polisi Leaked Footage  

Luluk Nuril video has gone viral. As said earlier, she scolded an intern student and was captured in a video that went viral on various social media platforms.

After the video was posted, Luluk received a huge backlash on the internet, and many people criticized her. In the tape, she was caught scolding the intern student and reportedly cursed her, too.

Luluk Nuril Istri Polisi Leaked
Luluk Nuril shared a video of police officers talking about the recent incident. ( Source: Tikok )

After the video of her scolding the intern went viral, Luluk misbehaved again by recording herself being escorted by Patwal. The news got more into the media prominence after Luluk was recognized as the wife of the Police.

The incident was also reported to police, and a new update has been shared, which has been mentioned below in depth.

Luluk Nuril Case Update 

Luluk Nuril’s incident was reported to the police, and the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) reported that Nuril’s action violated the Child Protection Law.

She is recognized as the wife of Bripka Nuril, who has served at the Tiris Police for eight years. Just three months ago, he was promoted to Head of Binmas Polsek Tiris. Unfortunately, the position did not last long because of his wife’s actions.

Luluk Nuril Case Update 
Luluk Nuril receives backlash on social media, and her case has a new update. ( Source: Instagram )

Probolinggo Police Chief AKBP Wisnu Wardana reported that Bripka will be removed from his current position. Also, the code of ethics and disciplinary hearing process is currently being handled by Propam. 

As the investigation continues, more updates will be given soon regarding the case of Luluk.

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