James Guys brother, Luke, to host swim clinic

On the back of a successful swimming event with James Guy, Swims Away LTD will be running a swimming clinic for their swimmers with James Guy’s brother, coach Luke Guy teaching the session.

On October 29, swimmers from Bolton Swimming Club and Swim Away LTD are invited to take part in a session hosted by Luke Guy at Sharples High School in the Health Hub.

Matt Hamlett, owner of Swims Away and Vice Chairman of Bolton Swimming Club, decided to host the event after the success of the 150-year celebrations for the club and he wants to take the celebrations further.

He said: “James Guy was brilliant with the kids at the swimming gala, but his brother, Luke, and their dad really intrigued me because they are in the background doing all the work and coaching.

“And I thought you know what I’m going to see if I can do something with them, so had a look at the background of Luke and he has so much success.

“So, the bee all and end all of it is Luke is coming down to do a swim clinic for Swims Away and Bolton Swimming Club and it will take place on October 29.

“We are the biggest swimming school in Bolton with about 700 kids in our lessons and that’s why we can provide swimmers to competitive clubs.

“We are really excited for it, it’s something different to what we have done before, and it gives us a chance for a competitive coach of an Olympic brother that can come and give a little bit of knowledge to the kids.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity.

“We will also be hosting a swimming gala afterwards which will introduce the children to the world of competitive swimming.

“It’s just a little bit of fun and involved races from 10 metres to 50 metres, they all get a medal, if they win, they get a trophy, and the best bit is Carrs Pasties are coming afterwards.

“We try to do our best to teach everybody to swim.

“The event is open to our swimmers only, but we are always looking for new people and it’s been constantly busy, so we don’t have a great amount of availability, but it is slowly coming back where we have pockets of availability, and we also offer baby swimming lessons at a cheaper price if people want to get involved.”

For more information go to: http://www.swimsaway.co.uk/

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