Jelyn Dablo Biography and Age: Cancer Patient Bio

Jelyn Dablo biography has been covered in this article. So, if you are concerned about Dablo’s life, keep reading till the end.

Jelyn Dablo was a famous online seller from the Philippines who worked tirelessly to earn money to prepare for the worst-case procedure, even though she was battling Cancer’s physical and emotional toll.

Furthermore, Dablo was active on social media, where she used to showcase her lifestyle. As said earlier, she was a Cancer victim and received huge support from people during her challenging journey.

Currently, her family and close ones are mourning his death as Dablo passed away. Following her death, people are eager to know about Dablo.

Who Was Jelyn Dablo? Biography Explored

Jelyn Dablo was a young lady from the Philippines who came into the spotlight as an online seller in 2021. She captivated many people with her entrepreneurial spirit and resilience.

Jelyn Dablo biography
Jelyn Dablo was an online seller from the Philippines who showcased her cancer journey. ( Source: Facebook )

Likewise, Dablo was known for her positive attitude and resilience and was loved by many. Due to her videos and social media posts, Dablo gained many followers on her social media handles, including Facebook and Instagram.

Furthermore, Dablo has over 87k followers on her Facebook page. Meanwhile, Jelyn gained widespread recognition after sharing her illness. 

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Jelyn Dablo Age: How Old Was She?

Jelyn Dablo was reportedly 33 years old at the time of her death. She was born in the Philippines. Despite having a solid fan base, Dablo kept her personal life away from the media.

Due to her low-key nature, none of the verified media outlets are able to give details regarding her family background. But we can be clear that Dablo’s death shatters her family members.

Jelyn Dablo bio
Jelyn Dablo posted a photo of herself on Facebook showing her role at GFOXX. ( Source: Facebook )

On the other hand, Dablo was a married woman. She lived happily with her husband, JK Diongzon Dablo. Her husband is devasted at this moment and has also paid tribute to his late wife.

JK has also requested everyone not to make videos related to his wife, as many YouTube channels have created unwanted assumptions. So, JK seeks privacy at this heartbreaking moment.

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Jelyn Dablo Death: Find Her Illness and Disease 

Jelyn Dablo died on April 7, 2023, after a long battle with Cancer. Reportedly, Dablo was diagnosed with Epidermolysis Bullosa at birth. Epidermolysis Bullosa is a rare condition that causes delicate, blistering skin. 

Dablo has diagnosed with stage 3 endometrial Cancer last 2018. She had menstrual spotting for two months and went to her OB and had a biopsy.

Furthermore, Dablo was diagnosed with cervical Cancer; however, when she had her 2nd opinion, her attending physician diagnosed her with endometrial Cancer. It was mentioned to her that if the leading cause had been known before, it could have been treated earlier. 

Jelyn Dablo Illness
Jelyn Dablo shared a photo from the hospital bed while battling Cancer. ( Source: Facebook )

On August 28, 2021, Dablo had her covid vaccine with Astra; after two days, she had complications. Her stomach became bigger, and the fluid went to her lungs. 

Since then, she has been at the hospital and has been receiving treatment. Her partner also used to give some updates on Facebook, but the recent update has left everyone shattered as Dablo passed away. 

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