Jennifer Burrows Arrested- Gave Birth To A Dead Man Baby?

A report claiming a morgue worker, Jennifer Burrows arrested after she allegedly gave birth to a dead man’s baby has grabbed the attention of many social media users.

The morgue worker named Jennifer Burrows arrested after a DNA test revealed that her newborn child was born due to necrophilic intercourse with a dead man she was supposed to autopsy.

In addition, the woman has also been accused of sexually abusing dozens of corpses throughout the previous two years.

As the news has been going viral around social media, people question whether the report is real or fake. Find out how much of the report is accurate.

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Jennifer Burrows Arrested And Charged

Is Jennifer Burrows arrested after giving birth to a dead man’s child? Numerous people have taken the news seriously and hit the headlines.

However, the article is fake. It was first published by a satirical website, “World News Daily Report,” in October 2016. The fake report has been circulating again on various social media platforms.

Because of the surprising and weird complexity of the content, people were interested and started making memes and posts on it.

Jennifer Burrows Arrested
Jennifer Burrows Arrested Story Is Fake Source: Factcheck

On November 2010, another satirical website called – Dead Serious Newsreleased a similar story positing that a 38-year-old mortuary worker became pregnant following intercourse with a dead male which she was burying.

The World News Daily seems to have recycled the story and developed Jennifer Burrows arrested story.

The website did mention a disclaimer saying all the characters and situations are fictional. But the news is so catchy that people have shared the false news even before seeing it.

The disclaimer on the website reads,

“World News Daily Report assumes full responsibility for its articles’ satirical nature and fictional content. All characters in the articles on this website, including those based on real persons, are entirely fictional.”

The disclaimer further states that any resemblance between them and any living, dead, or undead person will be a miracle.

Morgue Worker Jennifer Burrows Wikipedia And Age

As mentioned above, the viral story is fictional and fake. Thus, a morgue worker named Jennifer Burrows doesn’t exist in the real world.

According to the fictional description, Jennifer Burrows is a 26-year-old morgue worker. She is an assistant pathologist with the Jackson County medical examiner services.

The Kansas City, Missouri Police Department revealed that Jennifer’s baby is the son of a man who died in March 2015 in a car crash. The child was born on 7 January 2016.

Jennifer Burrows Arrested
Jennifer Burrows Arrested
Source: Amazon

The false news further claimed that a DNA test confirmed the newborn was the dead man’s child. The morgue worker allegedly abused more than 60 other dead bodies of males who were 17 to 71 years old.

“Since the corpse is regarded as human remains and is no longer alive, there are currently no laws (state or federal) governing or specifically forbidding the practice of necrophilia”

Reported the website.

Even if it is legally allowed in Missouri, Ms. Burrows’ acts are nevertheless considered improperly treating a corpse. The 26-year-old faced 158 charges, including indecent treatment of a dead body.

The article even mentioned the opinion of psychologists and experts. Some fictional experts they mentioned include Professor Isabella Ramirez of the University of Missouri and well-known psychologist and sexual disorders expert Dr. Geral Porter, associated with the Institute of Psychological Sciences.

The publication concluded the false news by saying Jennifer Burrows was suffering from mental problems and would possibly register a plea of insanity.

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