Jeon Somin Ex Boyfriend: Cheating Scandal And Controversy

Many people want to learn about Jeon Somin’s ex-boyfriend and her past love life. Here are all the details we know.

Jeon Somin is a South Korean actress and comedian who is widely recognized for being a regular cast member of the popular variety show Running Man.

She has openly talked about her past relationships on the show and in interviews.

These are some of the cheating scandals and controversies Jeon Somin has faced with her ex-boyfriends.

She has shown her honesty and courage by speaking out about them and received support from her fans and fellow cast members.

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Jeon Somin Ex Boyfriend: Dating History

The prominent South Korean comedian Jeon So-min has dated many guys in the past. The actress has not revealed their identities publicly and respected their privacy.

Jeon Somin Ex Boyfriend
The permanent cast member of the variety show Running Man, Jeon Somin, has openly talked about her love life in the show. (Image Source: Koreaboo)

However, she has shared some experiences on various episodes of Running Man.

In 2021, the gorgeous actress revealed that she had asked her ex-boyfriend to change his number because she couldn’t stop calling him after they broke up.

The comedian added that she tried to erase his number from her phone, but she still remembered it and called him repeatedly.

The actress also said he cried during their last phone call, although he acted coldly towards her.

The actress was once rumored to be dating her Running Man co-star, Yang Se Chan. However, the comedian came forward and denied any romantic involvement with him.

She said they simply try to add humorous content to the show. Jeon Somin stated, “I’m not dating Se Chan. Don’t misunderstand. We are joking to make it (the show) funny, but many people are mistaken.”

Jeon Somin Cheating Scandal And Controversy

In September 2022, Jeon Somin shared an awful encounter with another ex-boyfriend who cheated on her with multiple women.

Jeon Somin said she ran into him unexpectedly and greeted him politely, but he ignored her and walked away with his new girlfriend.

Jeon Somin Ex Boyfriend
Jeon Somin has a unique way of taking revenge on people who hurt her. (Image Source: YouTube)

She said she felt humiliated and angry and wished she had spit on him instead of saying hi.

Jeon Somin opened up about the frustrating encounter in a September 2022 episode of Running Man.

The cast members were taken aback by how swiftly Jeon So Min responded when asked what she would do if she bumped into an ex as part of a game: “Spit [out of disdain].”

Jeon So Min’s Revenge On An Ex-Boyfriend

The renowned South Korean actress and comedian Jeon Somin once jokingly revealed her way of taking revenge on one of her ex-boyfriends.

In an episode of Running Man, the cast members and guests had to guess who among them was most likely to take revenge on someone who hurt their feelings.

And all of them exclaimed, “Jeon So Min.” The gorgeous comedian said she is the type of person who takes revenge over a long period without saying anything in front of the person who wronged her.

She revealed that she once unspooled and tangled her ex-boyfriend’s earphone cords, with whom she was angry.

Jeon Somin said that’s her way to take revenge. The South Korean artist also revealed in 2020 that the biggest revenge is working hard and succeeding in the entertainment industry.

That way, her ex-boyfriends will see her face on TV whenever they turn it on.

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