Joey King Gay Or Lesbian Rumors Are False

Joey King gay and lesbian rumors had been rampant. However, her marriage with Steven Piet has debunked it all.

Joey King is a household name in the showbiz industry. The American actress rose to prominence after starring in the comedy series “Ramona and Beezus.”

With her career spanning nearly two decades, the skilled performer has worked in several hit series, including The Kissing Booth, its two sequels, The Act and many others.

The Primetime Emmy Award nominee’s acting career has been nothing short of glorious. The beautiful actress’s charm and captivating performances have also accumulated a huge fanbase.

Following the enormous fame, her personal life became the subject of public interest, attracting rumors about her sexual orientation.

In today’s article, let’s debunk the gay and lesbian rumors about the Los Angeles-born actress while also exploring her relationship details with her now-husband, Steven Piet.

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Debunking Joey King Gay Or Lesbian Rumors

As with many other celebrities, there were a lot of rumors related to her sexuality, speculating that she was lesbian.

Joey King Gay
Joey King’s sexual orientation is straight, and she is happily married to director-producer Steven Piet. (Image Source: People)

However, it is false. Her recent marriage with her long-time boyfriend/partner, Steven Piet, has debunked it.

Rumors become when people share the news without confirming it. Thus, it is essential to fact-check before sharing the personal details of celebrities.

Also, as the public, we should admire artists’ skills and talent instead of speculating and spreading rumors about their personal lives.

Nonetheless, Joey King is not lesbian or gay and is happily married to her long-time partner, Steven Piet.

Meet Joey King Husband Steven Piet

Steven Piet is the director, writer, and producer. He is known for his work in series like The Act, Uncle John, and Channel Zero.

Joey King’s husband, Steven Piet, was born in Chicago. Moreover, the renowned director studied film at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

After graduating, Steven returned to his hometown and began working in the production industry. Eventually, he ventured into Hollywood.

Piet is not only known for his professional achievements but also for his close bond with Joey King’s family.

He joined King’s family to celebrate the 2020 Christmas. The actress shared several pictures with her mom, sister, and Steven on her Instagram.

Joey King Marriage And Relationship Details

The Act star, Joey King, began dating the producer and director Steven Piet in September 2019.

The smitten pair reportedly met on the set of The Act. They got engaged in February 2022.

Joey King Gay
Joey King and Steven Piet have been together since September 2019. (Image Source: Instagram)

King and Piet tied the knot on 2 September 2023, four years after they began dating.

The duo exchanged the marriage vows in Spain on Saturday in a private wedding ceremony attended by close friends and family.

Their relationship is a shining example of finding love in the often complex entertainment industry.

Joey King and Steven Piet’s journey has been filled with support, understanding, and shared dreams.

In conclusion, the rumors surrounding Joey King’s sexuality have been conclusively disproven by her loving marriage to Steven Piet.

It’s a reminder that celebrity gossip doesn’t always reflect reality. Joey King and Steven Piet showcase the power of love and commitment.

The newlywed couple’s future together looks bright as they continue to support each other in their respective careers and personal lives.

We wish the King-Piet couple an ever-lasting bond filled with never-ending joy, deep love, and blissful harmony.

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