Joran van der Sloot Wife Leydi Figueroa Uceda And Family

Joran van der Sloot’s wife, Leydi Figueroa Uceda, attracted widespread attention when she married him.

Joran van der Sloot is a notorious Dutch murderer who gained worldwide attention for his involvement in two high-profile criminal cases. 

Born on August 6, 1987, van der Sloot was living in Aruba in 2005 when he became the prime suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, an 18-year-old American. 

Throughout his life, van der Sloot has been known for his involvement in criminal activities. He has been arrested multiple times for theft, drug-related offenses, and violent behavior. 

On May 30, 2005, Holloway went missing on the island, prompting extensive investigations and media coverage. However, her disappearance remains a mystery to this day.

Joran van der Sloot Wife Leydi Figueroa Uceda 

Joran van der Sloot’s wife, Leydi Figueroa Uceda, was already seven months pregnant with their child when they married in prison in 2014.

joran van der sloot wife
A picture of Joran van der Sloot’s wife, Leydi Figueroa Uceda holding his picture. (Source:

Joran van der Sloot married Leidy Figueroa, a Peruvian woman whom he met while she was selling goods in the prison where he was serving time. 

The marriage, which took place on July 4, 2014, was controversial due to the circumstances in which it occurred. Figueroa was already seven months pregnant with their child at the wedding, adding further complexity to van der Sloot’s personal life.

The marriage between van der Sloot and Figueroa, formed while he was incarcerated, generated significant interest from the media and the public. 

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The unusual circumstances of the relationship sparked fascination and speculation about the dynamics and implications of their union.

Joran van der Sloot Family

Joran van der Sloot was born in Arnhem, the Netherlands, to Paulus van der Sloot, a lawyer, and Anita van der Sloot-Hugen, an art teacher. 

He grew up alongside two brothers, and in 1990, when he was just three years old, the family relocated to Aruba.

Joran’s involvement in high-profile criminal cases, including the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and the murder of Stephany Flores Ramírez, brought intense scrutiny and attention to his family.

His Father was briefly arrested in connection with the Holloway case, and his mother publicly disowned him after his arrest for Flores Ramírez’s murder.

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Today, Joran van der Sloot’s family continues to grapple with the impact of his crimes on their lives and legacy.

Joran van der Sloot Conviction For Drug Trafficking 

In February 2021, Joran van der Sloot, who was already serving a prison sentence in Challapalca Prison in Juliaca, was convicted of drug trafficking. 

This tweet is reporting that Joran van der Sloot, a notorious Dutch criminal, has received an additional 18-year prison sentence in Peru for drug smuggling. (Source: Twitter)

He had established a cocaine trafficking operation within the prison with the help of a family member of another detainee who smuggled the drugs into the prison in August 2020 using sugar beets. 

Van der Sloot then proceeded to sell the cocaine within the prison and set up a network to forward drug packages to other locations. He was caught by prison officials and had 18 years added to his original sentence.

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Despite this, he is set to be released in 2045 due to a Peruvian law that limits prison sentences to a maximum of 35 years when the prisoner has not been sentenced to life imprisonment.

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