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Hannah Dardashti, an experience designer at Think Company and a University of Pennsylvania alumna, sadly passed away on Wednesday, March 1st, 2023. Her unexpected death left her family and loved ones in disbelief. Hannah was a dedicated and hardworking individual who had already started making her mark in the world before her passing. Keep reading more.

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Who was Hannah Dardashti?

Born in 1989, Hannah Dardashti was 31 years old when she passed away. She attended the University of Pennsylvania between 2011 and 2015, during which time she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in History. After completing her studies, she worked at Match Charter Public School for 11 months as a Match Corps XII: 5th Grade Literacy teacher. During her time there, Hannah managed lunch duties, prepped lesson materials, and provided social-emotional support to students. It is clear from these accomplishments alone that Hannah was an incredibly hardworking individual who was passionate about education and making a difference in people’s lives.

What was the cause of Hannah Dardashti death?

It was with heavy hearts that we recently learned the news of Hannah Dardashti’s passing. Seon Kinrot’s wife and University of Pennsylvania alumna had been a source of guidance and comfort to many over the years, having provided various lunchroom duties on a daily basis, preparing class materials leading up to each school day, as well as running social-emotional activities to help her students. Above all, in 2014 she volunteered at ITIM, where she worked tirelessly to alter rabbinic laws concerning marriage and personal status. How did Hannah pass away? Unfortunately, the cause of death remains undisclosed. But while this incident marks an overwhelming tragedy, we can take solace in knowing that her kind spirit will remain immortalized through those who have been lucky enough to witness her greatness – both then and now.

Hannah Dardashti Obituary

Hannah was beloved by those who knew her best for her kind heart and generous spirit. She will be remembered for always putting others before herself and living life to the fullest – no matter what obstacles were in front of her. Her presence will be sorely missed by all those who had the privilege to know her throughout her life.

Tributes Pour To Hannah Dardashti

Hannah Dardashti’s death has saddened ITIM. Hannah volunteered at ITIM in 2014, where she worked on changing the rabbinate’s protocols for establishing personal status for marriage purposes. The Israeli rabbinate had no protocols in place at the time for who could testify that someone was unmarried, and chaos reigned. Hannah launched a marathon phone campaign to highlight inconsistencies among various marriage registrars throughout Israel. We discovered some of Hannah’s emails after learning of her death. Because of Hannah’s efforts, ITIM was able to persuade the rabbinate to ease the process of testifying, and it is safe to say that Hannah’s efforts directly changed Israeli policy and made it possible for thousands of couples to marry in Israel.

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Hannah Dardashti and extend our heartfelt condolences to Seon Kinrot’s family during this difficult time. We hope that they can find comfort knowing that she was loved dearly by so many while she was here on Earth and will be fondly remembered forevermore. We invite all alumni from the University of Pennsylvania and past colleagues at Match Charter Public School to join us in honoring her memory today. May she rest in peace.

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