Know Everything About Her Disappearance And She Located Or Not

On Saturday, March 4, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation issued a Silver Alert for 83-year-old Martha Ann Carter. She was last seen in the 200 block of Huckleberry Lane in Brandon, i shirt and black shorts with white trim. If anyone has information regarding her whereabouts, they are urged to contact the Ranking County Sheriff’s Department at (601) 852-1480. Keep reading more.

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When did Martha Ann go missing? Where was she last seen?

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation has issued a Silver Alert for 83-year-old Martha Ann Carter, a black female standing at five feet tall and weighing 98 pounds. She was last seen on Saturday, March 4th in the 200 block of Huckleberry Lane in Brandon, Rankin County, Mississippi wearing black shorts with white trim and a tan shirt. Her family reveals that she suffers from a medical condition that may interfere with her judgment. What direction Martha Ann Carter is heading remains unknown and concerned individuals are encouraged to take measures to locate her as soon as possible.

Is Martha Ann Found Or Not?

In this case, thankfully Martha Ann Carter has been located and is safe! If you ever receive an alert like this it’s important that you take action right away as time can be critical in these situations. Remember to contact your local authorities if you have any information involving an elderly person who has gone missing and always keep your loved ones close during times like these! Any questions should be directed towards the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department 601-852-1480 . Thank you for helping spread awareness about silver alerts! Together we can make sure our vulnerable populations stay safe!

What is a Silver Alert?

A Silver Alert is an emergency alert system created by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI) to help locate missing elderly or disabled adults who may be in danger due to cognitive impairment or physical disability. The MBI issues these alerts when a person over the age of 65 goes missing and is believed to be endangered. These alerts can be broadcasted on television, radio stations, and other media outlets so that citizens can help spread the word about any missing persons cases.

The purpose of this alert is to notify the public about any missing elderly individuals and encourages citizens to assist in their recovery by contacting law enforcement if they have any information about their whereabouts. The MBI also publishes press releases to inform the public about the latest developments in ongoing search efforts. In addition, they provide resources such as tips for how citizens can better keep track of their own family members who might become lost or wander away from home.

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