Landon Cromer Death Linked To Car Accident

This is to inform you that recently a major accident occurred in which three students of Macomb High School were involved. Reportedly, one of the three students of Macomb High School is in serious condition battling for his life in a hospital. He is identified as Landon Cromer. He is a young student of the aforementioned school. The news of Landon Cromer’s accident came to light after his name suddenly started trending on Facebook. People who know him are taking over the internet and praying for the young soul of Landon Cromer. Meanwhile, many have been left extremely distressed after coming across this news and questioning “What were the circumstances surrounding Landon Cromer’s accident?” You are asked to stick with this page and go through it till the end. Swipe down the page.

Crime Scene

Who was Landon Cromer?

First of all, we clear that Landon Cromer has not been officially confirmed dead. But still, many people are requesting Landon Cromer’s obituary and funeral details. Neither his family nor the Macomb High School has confirmed that Landon Cromer is dead. He is still alive and battling for his life at a medical facility. He and his family are currently in desperate need of people’s prayers for his life and speedy recovery. But many have been misled due to social media posts paying tributes to Landon Cromer. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Recently, Audra Neve Ferguson posted on social media, “Please keep The Cromer Family in your thoughts and prayers. Landon is an amazing kid. We cannot be at the candlelight vigil but the candles are lit at our home in Gerlaw.” Jessica Marie Gehle who is a resident of Fort Madison, Iowa, wrote, “Please send up big prayers for this wonderful family in this time of need. Brittany Cromer, I’m praying for you, Mason Steve, and Landon.” Nevertheless, Landon’s team, Macomb Bomber Football stated “Our hearts hurt. Please keep Landon and his family in your thoughts and prayers.”

As you read, nobody has described Landon Cromer as dead yet. He is still alive but battling for his life at a hospital. The circumstances surrounding his accident are not known. But reports have confirmed that two more students of Macomb High School were involved in the crash. Currently, the young boy is receiving intensive treatment at a medical facility. Please pray hard for the Bombers and the Cromer family during this time. Stay tuned.

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