Lane Johnson Hair? Does The Eagles Star Have Cancer?

Lane Johnson Hair: Philadelphia Eagles star football offensive tackle looks fabulous in long hair. He has also revealed a few experiences that made him shave his head.

Lane Johnson is a well-known footballer of American nationality. The offensive tackle currently plays for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League.

The Eagles selected the University of Oklahoma graduate in the 2013 N.F.L. Draft. Since making his debut in the early 2010s, the footballer has established himself as one of the best players.

Besides his professional career, Johnson’s personal life is also an interest to his fans worldwide. They are also eager to learn about his bald head and hair. Today’s article is about the Texas-born athlete’s hair.

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What Does Lane Johnson Look Like In Long Hair?

Lane Johnson, the Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle, is known for his bald head, but he keeps his bread long. But he used to have hair during his collegiate career, even though it was not long.

In an interview with N.B.C. Sports, the footballer explained that it took a few rough games and a serious self-reflection early in his rookie season to shave his head officially.

Lane Johnson Hair
Lane Johnson with long hair – the footballer shaved his head off in his N.F.L. rookie season. (Image Source: C.B.S. News)

While in college, Johnson’s friend asked him if he was losing his hair. Lane – who had never noticed it before – went to the mirror and realized that he had been in denial for some time.

During his senior year, the hair loss became pretty bad. But Lane would comb it over, wear hats, feather it out in the back, and try to look cool.

“Then I got to the Philadelphia Eagles, after Dwight Freeney’s bull rush and giving up three sacks to Justin Houston; I just shaved that s–t off,” added Lane Johnson.

The athlete proudly added that he had been a different man ever since. The Eagles fan might know that year the team lost to Freeney’s Chargers in Week 2 and then again lost in Week 3’s game against Houston’s Chiefs.

But, the rest of the way, they went 9-3, a remarkable and entertaining reversal. Johnson shaving his head might not be the only reason, but who knows?

Lane Johnson has been one of the best right tackles in the N.F.L. The athlete began focusing more on his game than his hair.

Does Lane Johnson Have Cancer?

Lane Johnson’s fans are concerned about his health due to his bald head.

But the Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive tackle is healthy and fit. His baldness is reportedly due to a hereditary condition.

Lane Johnson Hair
Lane Johnson is healthy, and his hair loss is not due to Cancer. (Image Source: Philadelphia Eagles)

In addition, the Cleveland-born footballer also doesn’t have any injuries. Lane has enjoyed fame and fortune with his athletic prowess since his N.F.L. debut.

Lane Johnson Net Worth

As noted by Celebrity Net Worth, Lane Johnson’s net worth is $4 million.

He earns the primary part of his fortune from his football career. Talking about his total career earnings, Johnson has amassed $98.4 million.

Johnson signed a four-year contract extension worth $72 million with the Eagles in November 2019. His average annual salary is $18 million.

Lane was born in Groveton, Texas. He has been playing football since his days at Groveton High School.

Johnson attended the University of Oklahoma. During his college football career, in 2012, he was named to the second team of the Big 12.

He has played his whole N.F.L. career for the Philadelphia Eagles, who selected him in the fourth round of the 2013 N.F.L. Draft. In 2013, Johnson agreed to a four-year agreement worth under $20 million.

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