LBC Reporter Arrest And Charge

Charlotte Lynch age is a topic of interest for many after the recent incident surfaced where she was arrested for “just doing her job.”

Charlotte is a British radio Journalist for LBC. She has been a reporter for over five years and specializes in home affairs.

She said it was “absolutely terrifying” when she was locked up for hours while covering a Just Stop Oil protest in Hertfordshire. 

Just Stop Oil is an activist group in the U.K. that uses direct action and civil resistance to pressure the government to halt new fossil fuel licensing and production.

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Charlotte Lynch Age: LBC Reporter Wikipedia 

The exact age of Charlotte Lynch is not mentioned anywhere online. However, based on her educational and work background, she is likely 26-28.

Charlotte Lynch is a reporter and Journalist specializing in home affairs for London’s LBC (Leading Britain’s Conversation) Radio. She also works for Capital, Heart, Smooth, Classic, Gold, and Radio X.

There is not much information about Charlotte Lynch on the internet. Her LinkedIn says she is an LBC reporter from London, England, United Kingdom. 

In terms of education, she attained a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Northumbria University in 2018.

Before working as a reporter at LBC, Charlotte had worked as a freelance broadcast Journalist and moved to a senior Journalist before finally becoming a reporter in October 2021. She has been with the Company since August 2017. 

Charlotte Lynch age who
Charlotte Lynch covered the Queen’s state funeral in September. (Source: Twitter)

Her profile also shows that she has won several awards, including IRN News Team of the Year 2019 (over 1M), and was featured on the 30 Under 30 list of 2021 issued by Radio Academy.

Charlotte is also a reporter for Nick Ferrari at Breakfast, LBC’s flagship breakfast program. She works on breaking news events and other important stories. She also produces digital content and writes for LBC’s website.

What Was Charlotte Lynch Charge And Arrest Reason?

LBC reporter Charlotte Lynch was on a road bridge over the M25 road in Hertfordshire, England, on Tuesday. She was there for around 45 minutes, reporting about a Just Stop Oil demonstration.

Two Police officers approached her, and she showed them her press card, explaining she was doing her job. But the officers handcuffed her, took her phone away, and arrested her for conspiracy to commit a public nuisance.

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Ms. Lynch said the experience was “absolutely terrifying,” and it was “blindingly obvious” that she was doing her work. She was then let go after five hours without any action or charges.

It was not an isolated incident. A day earlier, photographer Tom Bowles and filmmaker Rich Felgate said they were arrested and kept in Police custody for 13 hours for covering the group’s protest.

The two, who also had no affiliation to the protesting group, were also handcuffed, had their equipment seized, and were taken to Police, despite having their press cards with them.

Hertfordshire’s Chief Constable Charlie Hall responded to accusations of shutting down the free press by stating measures were in place to investigate their approach to the protests.

Just Stop Oil
The Just Stop Oil protest in London, England. (Source: BBC)

They added that additional measures are underway to ensure legitimate media can do their work. The effectiveness of such measures is yet to be seen.

Further, PM Rishi Sunak’s spokesperson said the prime minister believed it was “vital journalists can do their job.”

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