Leigh Bardugo Illness And Health Update: What Is Her Disability?

Leigh Bardugo Illness and health: What is her disability? The writer has caught public attention from her recent deal with the publisher. 

Leigh Bardugo is an American Israeli fantasy writer who has listed her name in the list of best authors.

The Shadow and Bone trilogy, Six of Crows duology, and King of Scars duology are some of the writer’s best-known young adult Grishaverse books. Bardugo’s paranormal fantasy adult début, Ninth House, also garnered praise.

Ninth House, an adaptation of the Six of Crows and Shadow and Bone novels by Netflix, and Shadow and Bone, an adaptation of the Shadow and Bone trilogy by Amazon Studios, both have Bardugo as an executive producer.

The Grishaverse was created by #1 New York Times bestselling author Leigh, and there are more books in the works to be added to the Grishaverse.

Ninth House and Wonder Woman: Warbringer is some of Bardugo’s previous works, which won Goodreads Choice Winner for Best Fantasy 2019.

Leigh is a resident of Los Angeles and a Pauli Murray College Associate Fellow at Yale University.

Leigh Bardugo Illness And Health Update

People are currently interested to know Leigh Bardugo illness and her current health condition.

In the past, the author has publicly revealed in the media that she has osteonecrosis and occasionally needs to use a cane for her support.

Osteonecrosis or Avascular necrosis (AVN) is a condition in which bone tissue dies when the blood supply is cut off.

This condition is deadly as there might not be any symptoms at first. With time, joint pain could increase and make movement difficult.

Leigh Bardugo illness became the source of her inspiration for one of the six main characters in the narrative, master thief and gang boss Kaz Brekker, who uses also uses a cane.

Leigh Bardugo illness
Leigh Bardugo is surrounded by her books. (Source: leighbardugo)

As of now, the writer has not disclosed her current condition of osteonecrosis and seems to be doing fine, as she recently came into the media after her massive deal with the publisher.

Hence, Bardugo appears in good health condition, and her osteonecrosis is also under control. If anything serious happened to the bestseller, the media would have covered it by now.

In the past, Leigh in World mental health day uploaded a tweet stating that mental illness is the same as physical illness.

She further added that people should not have any shame in asking for help or need to ask for any help.

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Leigh Bardugo Net Worth Collection

Leigh Bardugo’s exact net worth details are unavailable at the moment.

However, the author might have accumulated millions of dollars from the publication of her several books and endorsements.

The writer recently trended on social media following her blockbuster deal with a publisher.

Bardugo, a best-selling author with a dozen books under her belt, and Macmillan Publishers have inked a record-breaking deal worth eight figures for twelve books under several brands.

The books will come in a variety of formats, age groups, and genres, as per Macmillan.

Leigh Bardugo
Leigh Bardugo signing in her books. (Source: vanityfair )

The author is renowned for the release of the “Grishaverse” novels Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom. Hence, 12 books may seem like a lot, but Bardugo is incredibly productive.

The Grisha trilogy’s first book and Bardugo’s debut book, Shadow and Bone, was released by Macmillan in 2012.

Shadow and Bone received positive reviews from The New York Times as well as nominations for the Romantic Times Book Award and the South Carolina Children’s Book Award.

In anthologies like Last Night, A Superhero Saved My Life, Slasher Girls and Monster Boys, and Summer Days and Summer Nights, Leigh also contributes essays and short fiction.

Almost 50 countries have published the author’s books, which have been translated into 22 languages.

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