Maria Gamez Wikipedia And Edad: Resign After Husband Arrested

People are searching Maria Gamez Wikipedia and age as she resigned after her husband, Juan Carlos Martínez, was arrested today.

Gámez, the head of the Civil Guard, announced at the department’s headquarters on Wednesday, declaring her “resignation” from her position.

This surprising announcement came after her husband received a judicial summons for a corruption investigation.

She said the decision was “difficult” but necessary to protect her family and the Civil Guard.

Maria expressed satisfaction and pride in her achievements but did not take any questions.

Gámez arrived with the four generals who made up the leadership of the armed institute.

The Ministry of the Interior confirmed that Mercedes González, the government delegate in Madrid, will replace her.

Fernando Grande-Marlaska, the head of the department, will hold a press conference later in the day to announce the change.

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Maria Gamez Wikipedia And Edad: Civil Guard Director Age 

Maria Gamez was born on January 29, 1969, making her 54 years old.

The Spanish politician does not have a Wikipedia page, but several news and online tabloids cover her and her political affairs.

Gámez resigned from her position as head of the Civil Guard due to the accusation of her husband, Juan Carlos Martínez, in a corruption case.

The resignation of Maria is unrelated to the indictment of two retired generals in separate corruption cases, the Mediator and Barracks cases.

Before being appointed head of the Civil Guard, Gamez was director general of Emergencies and Interior Protection in Andalusia.

As head of the Civil Guard, Gámez oversaw several important operations and investigations, such as the dismantling of a drug trafficking organization
As head of the Civil Guard, Gámez also oversaw the dismantling of a drug trafficking organization (Source: Seguritecnia)

She was responsible for coordinating the police forces of the eight provinces of the autonomous community.

She has also held other positions in security, such as the head of the Citizen Security and Prevention area of ​​the City of Malaga.

She was responsible for coordinating municipal police, local civil protection, and fire brigades, among other tasks.

In addition to her work in public security, Gámez has also been active in politics. She has been a member of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) since 1997.

Maria had held several positions in the party’s provincial and regional structures in Malaga and Andalusia.

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Gamez Resigns After Husband Juan Carlos Martínez Arrested

María Gámez, who has held the position of head of the Guardia Civil since January 2020, resigned today.

The new director will be Mercedes González, currently the government deputy in Madrid.

Gámez resigned out of principles and honesty to prevent harm to the Civil Guard, its representatives, and the Government of Spain.

She declared her commitment to uncovering any irregularities or illegality and ensuring accountability.

Maria admired the 80,000 agents of the armed institute and thanked Pedro Sánchez, Grande-Marlaska, and Defense Minister Margarita Robles.

Maria Gamez resigned from her position amid the arrest news of her husband, Juan Carlos Martínez
Maria Gamez resigned from her position amid the arrest news of her husband, Juan Carlos Martínez (Source: COPE)

Next week, she will appear at the Government Interior Commission to explain the Mediator and Barracks cases.

Juan Carlos Martínez, the husband of María Gámez, is being investigated by the police in relation to the Santana case, a part of a wider corruption investigation.

The Santana case involves an alleged injection of €36.1 million by the Junta de Andalucía into the company Santana Motor, which eventually closed in 2011.

The investigation aims to establish whether there were crimes of prevarication, falsehood, and embezzlement of funds in the transaction.

In this case, the total public money under suspicion amounts to nearly €137 million.

Juan Carlos Martínez denies any involvement in granting subsidies to the company and claims that he is not even called to testify as being investigated.

He argues that the investigation against him is based on conjecture and mere police suspicions. The judicial investigation has been ongoing for seven years.

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