Married To Husband Carlos Marrero

Yes, Kike Sarasola is gay and has been the most influential gay in the country. 

Sarasola, a former horseman and a successful businessman, has contributed to the fight against Covid-19 by ceding several of his hotels to be used as toilets. 

He offered his hotels to health workers and provided good facilities to those suffering from the virus. 

Sarasola grew up watching horses and riding; he was interested in riding and learned to ride from his brother, a former horseman. 

Due to a series of back injuries in 2004, he was forced to retire as an equestrian. Since then, he got into the business and has been a well-known businessman. 

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Yes, Kike Sarasola Is Gay And Married To Husband Carlos Marrero

Kike became the first elite athlete to openly declare his homosexuality in Spain, starring on the cover of Zero magazine. 

The former horseman did not refuse to get his sexuality in public, and he was openly gay and married Carlos Marrero in 2011. 

The pair are also business partners; they started working together in business along with Kike friend, Gorka Atorrasagasti. 

Carlos is a Cuban architect and designer who has worked on designing several Room Mate Hotels properties.

Kike Sarasola and his husband Carlos Marrero attend the 'Interiores' awards 2016 .
Kike Sarasola and his husband, Carlos Marrero, attend the ‘Interiores awards 2016. (Image Source: Getty Images)

The couple is known for their activism in support of LGBT rights and diversity, and they have been inspiring couples for many of them. 

Additionally, In 2013, Kike was awarded the LGBT Business Award from the Spanish Association of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transsexuals for his work promoting diversity and equality.

The couple is often present together at any award function or program. They seem to share a great bonding, Kike often share pictures of them on social media platforms. 

Kike Sarasola Children Aitana & Enrique Júnior With His Husband 

The founder of Room Mate Hotels and his husband, Carlos Marrero, have two children named Aitana and Enrique.

Aitana and Enrique were born in the United States through surrogacy, a process that involves a woman carrying a baby for another person or couple.

The couple has not publicly shared much information about their children, but their first child Aitana is eight, and Enrique is four. 

Kike Sarasola and his partner Carlos are the parents of two children, Aitana,and Enrique Junior
Kike Sarasola and his partner Carlos are the parents of two children, Aitana and Enrique Junior. (Image Source: Vozpopuli)

The couple prefers to keep their children’s information away from the eyes of the media.

After they had their baby, Sarasola advocated for the legalization of surrogacy in Spain and supported efforts to regulate the practice.

In 2018, he supported Albert Rivera, a Spanish politician, in an event to request the regulation of surrogacy in Spain.

Kike Sarasola Net Worth Update 

There have been many questions regarding Sarasola’s net worth and career earnings. People often get curious to learn the net worth of famous personalities. 

According to the source, the net worth of a businessman is $1 million. Kike’s primary source of income is from his hotel and other business. 

He is Room Mate Hotels’ founder, partner, and friend. They have been well-known for lending their hotel to health workers and local people during the pandemic. 

Room Mate Hotels has gained popularity, and people have appreciated their work. Besides that, he might also have other businesses, which he has not disclosed in public. 

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