Meet Abraham Alexander Parents Jeff and Donnia Olesko

Jeff and Donnia Olesko are Abraham Alexander parents. However, a lot of people are curious about Alexander’s biological parents. 

From Fort Worth, Texas, comes the soulful singer-songwriter Abraham Alexander. He began his musical career by singing in the church choir.

Alexander’s music is inspired by soul, blues, gospel, and folk, and his lyrics often touch on love, family, and spirituality themes.

Abraham gained popularity after his single “America” went viral on TikTok in 2020. Alexander has performed at various festivals and venues across the United States.

He has performed in the Austin City Limits Music Festival and The Kessler Theater in Dallas.

The musician released his debut EP, “América,” in 2021, which received critical acclaim and showcased his distinctive voice and storytelling ability.

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Meet Abraham Alexander Adoptive Parents Jeff And Donnia Olesko

Abraham Alexander was fortunate to heed the advice of his adoptive parents, Jeff and Donnia Olesko.

Jeff and Donnia came from diverse backgrounds and met in Texas, where they fell in love and raised their children.

The Olesko couple encouraged him to pursue music, recognizing his talent and passion. 

They discovered the young Abraham, separated from his family after moving to America from Greece.

Abraham Alexander was raised by his adoptive parents, Jeff and Donnia Olesko
Abraham Alexander was raised by his adoptive parents, Jeff and Donnia Olesko (Source: KERA Records)

Alexander was taken care of by his ESL teacher in Arlington following his mother’s passing. They met him again when he helped paint his apartment.

Jeff and Donnia were impressed with his singing at a church fundraiser, leading them to believe he was meant to be a part of their family.

Regarding his foster parents, Jeff is a former Marine helicopter pilot who had completed four tours of Iraq.

Likewise, Donnia has an interest in opening a shop for home goods. The couple has combined their passions to create Modern Maison in Fort Worth.

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Who Are Abraham Alexander Biological Parents?

Abraham’s biological parents remain unknown, but they brought him and his brothers from Greece to Texas to escape racial tensions at school.

A photo on the front of his album SEA/SONS shows Alexander and his brothers playing in the water in Greece before their move to Texas.

Tragically, their mother was killed by a drunk driver soon after. He was later adopted as a teenager, but he has always felt connected to his birth parents, both musicians.

Despite not initially embracing music himself, Alexander pays tribute to his family’s musical roots in his album’s first track, “Xavier,” which honors one of his deceased brothers.

Family is also a theme in the album’s love song, “Tears Run Dry,” inspired by a family friend’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

The song reflects on the enduring emotions that make a long-lasting love possible. Alexander’s acoustic guitar work on the song is particularly impressive.

The Olesko family officially adopted Abraham Alexander in 2018 and have been looking after him since.

The front cover of his album SEA/SONS depicts Alexander and his siblings playing in the waters of Greece before relocating to Texas
The front cover of his album SEA/SONS depicts Alexander and his siblings playing in the waters of Greece before relocating to Texas (Source: DualTone Records)

In pictures shared from the ceremony, Abraham holds a teddy bear, which adoption officials had given him as a token, even though it was intended for younger children.

Jeff says Abraham still cherishes that bear. Over time, the couple has adopted four more children, including Colton (17), Jensen (12), Draco (10), and June (7).

They began offering refuge and expanding their family through the local non-profit Hope Fort Worth, which mobilizes local churches to help vulnerable children.

According to them, Abraham is a great big brother to his younger siblings, and they all enjoy his musical friends.

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