Meet Her 6 Child Shari, Chad, Abby, Julie, Russell And Eve

Ruby Franke age, a testament to her life experiences, influences her approach to parenting amidst the complexities of online fame.

In the vast realm of YouTube, countless channels have taken viewers into the lives of families, offering glimpses into their day-to-day activities, celebrations, and challenges.

One channel that gained immense popularity was “8 Passengers,” featuring the Franke family. Led by Ruby Franke, the family matriarch, the channel initially captured the hearts of over 2.2 million subscribers with its relatable content.

However, recent controversies surrounding the family’s parenting methods and Ruby’s involvement with a personal development company have led to divided opinions and raised concerns. 

This article delves into Ruby Franke’s life, background, family dynamics, and the controversies surrounding the family and their YouTube channel.

Ruby Franke Age And Wikipedia Details Explored

Ruby Franke’s age is 41 years old as of 2023.

Ruby Franke Age
Ruby Franke’s husband, Kevin Franke, has been her partner in navigating the challenges and controversies. (Source:

As of now, there is no Wikipedia page available for Ruby Franke. As the oldest among her siblings, including Beau Griffiths, Bonnie Hoellein, Ellie Mecham, and Julie Deru, Ruby’s leadership qualities and nurturing nature are evident.

However, the spotlight truly shone on her when she and her husband, Kevin Franke, embarked on sharing their family’s life on YouTube. 

Despite the initial allure of their content, the family has faced numerous challenges that have cast shadows over their online presence.

While Ruby Franke’s Wikipedia page might not yet exist, her impact on the YouTube community cannot be denied. Her channel, “8 Passengers,” catapulted the family to online stardom, showcasing their adventures, milestones, and everyday experiences.

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Yet, the recent controversies have led to a decline in the family’s popularity and a shift in public perception.

Ruby Franke 6 Children: Her Sons Chad And Russell 

Ruby Franke’s sons Chad and Russell hold distinct places among her children. 

Ruby Franke Age
Ruby Franke continues to navigate the challenges of being a mother to six children while maintaining an online presence. (Source:

Chad, the eldest son, was once a central figure in the family’s videos, capturing the essence of sibling camaraderie and familial bonds. However, the controversy surrounding the family’s parenting methods and their treatment of Chad raised concerns and led to a CPS investigation. 

The incident involving Chad being made to sleep on the floor for an extended period sparked outrage and prompted discussions about appropriate disciplinary actions.

Russell, another of Ruby’s sons, adds flair to the family’s videos. While the platform initially documents the children’s growth and accomplishments, the controversies have shifted the narrative.

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The family’s attempts to bounce back from the turmoil and maintain a sense of normalcy have been met with challenges, affecting the trajectory of the channel and the family’s reputation.

Meet Ruby Franke Daughters Shari, Abby, Eve And Julie

Ruby Franke’s daughters, Shari, Abby, Eve, and Julie, are integral to the family’s journey documented on YouTube.

Shari, presumably the oldest daughter, once contributed to the channel’s charm, offering insights into the world of a growing teenager.

However, the controversies that engulfed the family shifted the channel’s focus. It took away from the innocent and relatable content that initially drew viewers in. Abby, Eve, and Julie, the younger daughters, also played their roles in the family’s videos.

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The controversies have impacted the family’s reputation and prompted discussions about appropriate parenting and the potential consequences of sharing one’s life on a public platform. 

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