Meet His Épouse And Famille

Who are Redoine Faïd origine parents? Let us know about his family details including his parents, his wife, and children.

Redoine Faïd is known for being a French gangster with a history of repeatedly escaping from prison. In 2013, he was regarded as France’s most wanted criminal.

His criminal career started in the middle of the 1990s when he co-led a notorious gang that operated in the Paris region with accomplice Jean-Claude Bisel.

Moreover, they engaged in armed robberies, jewel heists, and extortion, leaving a trail of terror and misery in their wake.

Faïd’s fame increased after he eluded capture for three years while looking for asylum in Switzerland and the Palestinian Territories.

Additionally, Redoine was given a 30-year prison term, however, his detention only lasted a short while. He was granted parole after serving only ten years and claimed to have put his life of crime behind him.

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Who Are Redoine Faïd Origine Parents? Meet His Father Derradji

Talking about Redoine Faïd parents, his father’s name is Derradji Faïd, and his mother’s name is Zohra Faïd. He was born into a strict and traditional educational family.

His parents instilled in him the value of family and how precious and sacred it is by constantly encouraging him to work and study.

Moreover, his father Derradji relocated his family to Creil in the Oise region of France in 1969.

He states that his father was a tracker and hunting guide, which led to him being recruited by the Algerian resistance.

In addition, his father who was an excellent shooter knew every path of the region. Early in the 1950s, Derradji moved to France to work, however, he was arrested and imprisoned by the French government.

Redoine Faïd Origine Parents
Redoine Faïd’s father was a hunting guide and an excellent shooter. (Source: Algerie)

Redoine’s father joined the FLN in Algeria to fight the French settlers. Just after Algeria gained its independence, the guy who had been “captured, tortured, and imprisoned” returned to France.

Further, he began working again at the Kuhlmann factory in Villers-St. Paul in the Oise. Similarly, his father worked all night in the factory while his mother raised the children and took care of the house.

Redoine was the most humorous and lovely person at that time, and everyone enjoyed his company. He was also interested in acting and used to imitate the actors and make everyone laugh.

Redoine Faïd’s parents adored him, and he was sort of a spoiled child according to his sister. She also mentioned that he was a very sociable and nice guy who liked to laugh and make others happy.

Redoine Faïd Épouse And Famille

Redoine Fad’s wife’s identity is still shrouded in mystery in the tales of the criminal underground.

However, her claimed participation in her husband’s daring escapes has catapulted her into the public eye, where she continues to be the focus of heated rumors.

The most shocking allegations against Fad’s wife revolve around her alleged involvement in providing explosives to support her husband’s prison breakouts.

Since the story of Redoine Fad is already mysterious, the mere implication of such a connection adds another level of intrigue.

Redoine Faïd Origine Parents
Redoine Faïd’s wife was rumored to be involved in his prison escape. (Source: Express Dz)

While the allegations swirl, many questions remain unanswered. Did Redoine Faïd’s wife actively participate in her husband’s criminal endeavors, or was she, too, a victim of circumstance?

Moreover, his lawyer told the police that his wife did not even visit him during the time of his escape.

He may or may not have children because that is uncertain. However, besides his parents and wife, he is the tenth and penultimate sibling among the 11 children of his parents.

Furthermore, he has two sisters and eight brothers among which his few brothers are team members of his gang who always supported him from the early days into the criminal activities.

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