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People want to know about Ralph Yarl Death details. Protesters want justice for Ralph Yarl, 16, who was shot.

Hundreds of people turned out for a rally and march Sunday to the House where Ralph Yarl, 16, was shot last week after going to the incorrect residence to pick up his younger twin siblings. 

Ralph Yarl’s parents fled to the United States from Liberia to avoid violence before raising a family. That was several years ago.

However, she marched alongside at least 200 others in Kansas City’s Northland on Sunday in support of Ralph, a 16-year-old who was shot and badly injured Thursday after going to the incorrect residence to pick up his younger twin siblings, according to family.

Yarl was supposed to meet his brothers at a friend’s House on 115th Terrace. He wound up ringing the doorbell on 115th Street. Faith Spoonmore, the teen’s aunt, posted on Facebook.

Spoonmore wrote that a man opened the door, spotted Yarl, and shot him in the head and that when Yarl fell to the ground, the man reshot him.

Spoonmore wrote that Yarl got up and escaped from the property, but he had to inquire at three separate houses before someone assisted him.

Officers from the Kansas City Police Department said they responded at 10 pm. Let’s dive deep into the article to learn more about Ralph Yarl Death and the obituary details. 

Ralph Yarl Death And Obituary

Ralph Yarl Death has not been confirmed yet, he is still in the hospital, and according to our research, he is doing well till now.

Yarl was shot some days before the conference while attempting to pick up his younger brothers. The 16-year-old allegedly rang the wrong doorbell and was shot twice by a white guy.

A family member’s GoFundMe page claimed that Yarl sought aid following the tragedy.

However, according to the page, a neighbor only helped Yarl after instructing him to lie on the ground with his hands up.

Graves stated that the homeowner who allegedly shot the Black youngster was apprehended on Thursday (April 13). Officers placed them on a 24-hour hold as they examined the site for evidence.

Ralph Yarl Death
Ralph Yarl Death news is not true. (Source: NG News)

Authorities were able to find the allegedly used handgun due to their efforts. After contacting the Clay County Prosecutor’s Office, the homeowner was freed, awaiting further investigation.

Unless a suspect is charged, they must be released after 24 hours. Mayor Quinton Lucas also attended the news conference and expressed the community’s concern that the incident was racially motivated. 

He, like Graves, informed the public that officials were working diligently on the matter.

According to the Kansas City Star, the 16-year-old victim, identified online by family members as Yarl, was shot while trying to pick up his younger twin siblings from a friend’s residence on Thursday night.

According to Police, he went to the wrong House and was shot there. According to civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, the homeowner shot the teen in the head first, then again after he slumped on the ground.

Meet His Parents And Brother

Like Ralph Yarl’s parents, Patience Gaye fled to the United States from Liberia to avoid violence before raising a family. He has identical twin brothers.

According to the family, he went to the incorrect residence to pick up his younger twin brothers. Ralph is a Staley High School junior.

Friends claim he had discussed attending Stanford after graduating. Gaye, 33, a long-time family friend of Ralph’s parents, is expecting her first child and is wracked with dread as she sees Ralph battle to recuperate from his injuries.

Ralph Yarl Death
Ralph Yarl’s health is improving, according to his family. (Source: The Kansas City Star)

Lee Merritt, a Texas-based civil rights attorney, has also been recruited by the family of Cameron Lamb, who was fatally shot by Kansas City Police detective Eric DeValkenaere in 2019.

Yarl “is doing well physically, but he has a long road ahead of him mentally and emotionally,” Spoonmore said on a GoFundMe page she set up to help with Yarl’s medical bills and other expenses.

So don’t worry about listening to hoaxes; Ralph Yarl Death news has not been confirmed yet. 

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