Meet Taiwo Odukoya Son Jimmy, Timilehin And Jomiloju

What are Taiwo Odukoya son doing in their professional lives? Let us reveal his family details along with their professions. 

Daniel Taiwo Odukoya is a prominent figure in Nigerian Pentecostalism and a source of inspiration for thousands.

Throughout his life, Pastor Daniel made significant contributions to his community and the world of ministry.

Moreover, Taiwo and his late wife, Bimbo Odukoya, co-founded The Fountain of Life Church in 1992.

The mission statement of this church is to help both men and women become the people they were meant to be by teaching them the skills of successful relationship-building and leadership.

Odukoya started several outreach initiatives, including a hospital, an orphanage, a school for underprivileged kids, a farm, and a water project that provided boreholes for people without access to clean water.

He also founded a center for disadvantaged people to learn skills and start businesses.

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Taiwo Odukoya Son: Jimmy Odukoya Wiki And Age

Taiwo Odukoya son Jimmy is a Nigerian actor known for his appearances in the movie The Woman King, where he played the character of Oba Ade.

He was born on April 27, 1993, and is recently 30 years old.

Jimmy Odukoya, the first child of the late Pastors Bimbo and Taiwo Odukoya, continues on a rich history of faith and devotion.

In addition, he continues to uphold his parents’ principles and beliefs in his unique style, even though they were well-known personalities in Nigerian Pentecostalism.

Jimmy is a multitalented individual who is not just an actor. In addition to being a pastor, he works as an image consultant, rapper, musician, and businessman.

Taiwo Odukoya Son
Taiwo Odukoya Son Jimmy is a Nigerian actor. (Source: Ripples Nigeria)

Moreover, his varied skill set shows his love of discovering new aspects of life and his commitment to personal development. The education Jimmy has received is equally remarkable.

He graduated from Oral Roberts University with a degree in Business Administration and an MBA in Business Administration.

Similarly, this intellectual background has undoubtedly aided his success as a businessman and actor.

Furthermore, Jimmy Odukoya is an inspiring example of an exceptional individual who uses his abilities to improve his profession, family, and community.

Many aspiring artists and young people in Nigeria and elsewhere look forward to him because of his dedication to his faith, his wide range of abilities, and his love and care for his family. 

Taiwo Odukoya Son: Timilehin And Jomiloju Odukoya: Wiki And Age Gap

Taiwo Odukoya sons Timilehin and Jomiloju Odukoya were born to his second wife, Nomthi Odukoya.

Timilehin has maintained privacy regarding his personal as well as professional life, therefore, very little is known about him in the online world.

Similarly, Jomiloju Odukoya was born on July 7, 2000, in the glamorous Nigerian city of Lagos.

He is a talented young musician with global acclaim for his extraordinary skills and active participation in the music industry and on social media.

Taiwo Odukoya Son
Taiwo Odukoya’s son Jomiloju is a musician. (Source: Information Nigeria)

His deep-seated love for music and unshakeable commitment to his faith have defined his journey.

Additionally, Jomiloju’s upbringing as the acclaimed Pastor’s son was characterized by a rich tapestry of artistic expressiveness and spiritual beliefs.

He is also active in his father’s church ministry. He belongs to the youth ministry and the music department.

Nonetheless, Jomiloju frequently leads worship and performs at numerous church gatherings and programs.

Additionally, he participates in the Church’s many outreach initiatives and charity endeavors.

Furthermore, he is an influencer and creates content for social media. He frequently shares photos and videos of his family, friends, music, ministry, and way of life.

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