Meet Valerie Irwin And Debra Mitchum: Billy Graham Wife

People are searching for information about Billy Graham wife. Find out detailed information about his wife, Valerie, and Madelyn Miluso. 

Eldridge Wayne Coleman, known as Superstar Billy Graham, was an American professional wrestler.

He was the WWWF Heavyweight Champion in 1977–1978 and a three-time world champion in various wrestling promotions. He was also a renowned bodybuilder and trained with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Graham revolutionized wrestling interviews and physique presentation; his charismatic style left a lasting impact.

In January 2023, Graham was hospitalized due to an ear and skull infection. His health deteriorated with significant weight loss and kidney, heart, and lung disease treatment by April.

Shortly before his 80th birthday, Graham passed away on May 17 after being placed on life support earlier that week.

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Wrestler Billy Graham Wife: Who Is Valerie Irwin? 

Billy Graham’s wife was Valerie Irwin. The couple got married in 1978 and shared a life. Irwin supported her husband’s wrestling career and stood by his side through various ups and downs.

While there might not be extensive public information about Valerie Irwin, her role as Graham’s partner and wife was undoubtedly significant.

Behind the scenes, she likely provided emotional support and stability during his wrestling career and personal life.

Billy Graham with his wife Valerie Irwin. (
Billy Graham with his wife Valerie Irwin. (Image Source:TMZ)

Being married to a public figure like Billy Graham, Valerie Irwin may have had to navigate the challenges of maintaining privacy while supporting her husband’s career.

Billy Graham and his wife remained together until the wrestler’s death, but they had no children. They were frequently seen as a couple, and their relationship served as an inspiration to many.

Billy Graham Relationship Timeline With Debra Mitchum

Billy Graham was married to Debra Mitchum from 1966 to 1976. Their marriage lasted for approximately ten years before they eventually divorced.

Graham had two children named Capella and Joey with his former partner Madelyn. 

Graham’s daughter Capella was born on June 8, 1972. She was named after Billy read about a star in the Atlas of the Universe. On the other hand, his son Joey was born on March 18, 1975.

'Superstar' Billy Graham was facing a challenging situation before death.
‘Superstar’ Billy Graham was facing a challenging situation before death. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Unfortunately, Joey had health challenges from birth, including double pneumonia and an enlarged heart.

However, medical intervention through surgery successfully corrected his enlarged heart condition.

It’s worth noting that Joey had a notable godfather in the wrestling industry, none other than Dusty Rhodes, a respected wrestler.

Billy Graham Family Details 

Billy grew up in a working-class family in Phoenix, Arizona. His father, of English descent, hailed from Mississippi, while his mother had a mixed German and Cherokee ancestry and was from Arkansas.

He has shared minimal information about his parents in public; they maintained a low profile throughout their life. 

Even as a young schoolboy, Graham displayed a talent for drawing and design, sparking his lifelong passion for fine art.

Additionally, he exhibited athleticism and was drawn to weightlifting, visiting his first gym at 10.

By turning 11, he was resourcefully crafting his training weights using pipes and cement-filled coffee cans.

Superstar Billy Graham has passed away at the age of 79.
Superstar Billy Graham has passed away at the age of 79. (Image Source: Wrestling Inc.)

During his teenage years, he avidly read bodybuilding magazines, idolizing figures like Steve Reeves and John Grimek.

Wayne also embraced his Christian faith and became an accomplished preacher within the Assemblies of God, captivating youth congregations by incorporating displays of strength into his sermons.

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