Mnisi’s Widow Shot To Death By Police

Charlene Felicity Mathews, the widow of Chief Clyde Mnisi, was tragically shot and killed in her home.

A gunman shot and killed the widow of a Mpumalanga chief assassinated last week.

Two days after her husband was laid to rest, Charlene Felicity Mathews, 30, was shot and killed, according to Police in Mpumalanga, at around 1.10 am on Tuesday in Calcutta, Bushbuckridge.

The shooting death of Charlene Felicity Mathews, the widow of alleged rhino poaching kingpin Chief Clyde Mnisi, is a tragic and senseless act of violence that has shocked and saddened many. 

Charlene’s death is a tragic reminder of the dangers faced by those involved in the fight against rhino poaching and the criminal networks that support it. 

Who Was Charlene Felicity Mathews?

Charlene Felicity Mathews was the widow of Chief Clyde Mnisi, who was allegedly involved in rhino poaching in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. 

Vincent Chief Clyde Mnisi
Charlene Felicity Mathews, widow of the late Chief Clyde Mnisi (left), was reportedly shot and killed in the early hours of April 4, 2023. (Source:

Mathews was born and raised in South Africa and was married to Mnisi for several years before his death.

According to sources, Mathews was a devoted wife and mother who stood by Mnisi’s side through thick and thin. She was known for her kind-hearted nature and was well-liked by the local community.

The news of Charlene’s death has shocked and saddened many, with tributes pouring in from friends, family, and the wider community. 

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The Police investigation into the tragic shooting incident that claimed the life of Charlene Felicity Mathews, the widow of alleged rhino poaching kingpin Chief Clyde Mnisi, is ongoing. 

Mnisi’s Widow Shot To Death By Police: What Happened?

Days after the burial of Chief Mnisi, Charlene Felicity Mathews was gunned down in her home by Police. 

Screenshot 2448
According to a tweet by SA Breaking News, Charlene Felicity Mathews, 30, was murdered in her lounge. (Source: Twitter)

The shooting incident occurred in the late chief’s residential area in Calcutta, Mpumalanga province.

According to Police spokesperson Brig Selvy Mohlala, the Police were called to the scene after reports of a shooting. Upon arrival, they found Mathews with multiple gunshot wounds to the head. 

Two male family members also sustained gunshot wounds and were hospitalized for medical treatment. Unfortunately, Mathews was pronounced dead by the paramedics who attended the scene.

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Police spokesperson Brig Selvy Mohlala has stated that preliminary investigations have revealed that armed suspects entered the couple’s residence and opened Fire on Charlene and two male family members. 

Possible Motive For The Shooting

The motive for the shooting is not yet known, and investigations are ongoing. 

However, given the recent tragic murder of Chief Clyde Mnisi, who was allegedly involved in rhino poaching, some speculate that the shooting of his widow may be connected to his alleged criminal activities. 

Mnisi had been facing multiple charges related to rhino poaching, including racketeering, theft, fraud, and money laundering, and was out on bail at the time of his death.

Others have speculated that the motive for the shooting may be related to a power struggle within the community, as Mnisi was a well-known and respected Leader in the area. 

It is also possible that the shooting was a targeted attack against Charlene, possibly related to her alleged involvement in her late husband’s criminal activities.

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However, these are all just speculations, and the Police have not released any official information on the possible motive for the shooting.

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