Moose Jattana Leaked Video Gone Viral: Real Name and Twitter

Moose Jattana leaked video is among people’s minds as it has been the talk of the town for quite a while now. Let’s find out everything here.

Moose Jattana is a social media star originally from India. She has a solid fanbase on her Instagram handle, and her account has also been verified.

Apart from being a social media personality, Jattana shot to fame after being one of the contestants of Bigg Boss OTT. Reportedly, she is the youngest contestant on Bigg Boss OTT.

Furthermore, Jattana got into the limelight when she opened up about her sexual orientation. She is reported to be bisexual, and she first opened up with fellow Bigg Boss OTT contestant Pratik Sehajpal.

Moose Jattana Leaked Video Gone Viral

Moose Jattana often gets into the spotlight due to multiple reasons. For the past few days, netizens have been searching for her leaked video, which seems to be from the past.

According to India Today, Jattana used to be a CAMGIRL and used to share her intimate videos and images to earn money. People took the video from her adult live stream and shared it on adult sites.

Moose Jattana Leaked Video
Moose Jattana’s leaked video has gone viral online, including on YouTube. ( Source: YouTube )

So, for the same video, Jattana’s name often gets into the spotlight. Likewise, the clip has been shared widely on Twitter. So, it now becomes clear that Jattana’s leaked video is from the past.

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Moose Jattana MMS Twitter Update

Moose Jattana’s videos have gone viral mainly on Twitter, but people have also shared them on other social media platforms like Reddit. 

As mentioned earlier, the viral video is from the past where Jattana used to do live, going half naked. She was not engaged in any intimate moments with others.

Jattana just used to be a CAMGIRL and made videos. Meanwhile, many unverified sources have created news about it and linked fake videos. They have even shared on Twitter, which is fake.

Moose Jattana MMS Twitter
People search for Moose Jattana MMS and leaked videos on Twitter. ( Source: Twitter )

So, Jattana’s fans have also criticized them for sharing fake videos. Despite all the rumors and controversies regarding her leaked videos, Jattana has not opened up her mouth.

This makes it clear that Jattana does not like to get into controversy and ignores all the fake news related to her. 

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What Is Moose Jattana Real Name?

Muskan Jattana is the real name of Moose Jattana. She was born in Mohali, Chandigarh, to her loving parents, who still reside there. Meanwhile, Jattana lives in Delhi.

For her education, Jattana also went to Australia. Reportedly, she is the youth ambassador of the Australian South Asian Centre. 

Jattana had earlier noted that she was raising awareness about gender equality. As we know, Moose gained widespread recognition as a contestant of Big Boss OTT.

Moose Jattana Show
Moose Jattana shares a photo on Instagram from one of her stage shows. ( Source: Instagram )

In the first episode, Akshara Singh broke down in tears after Jattana’s hurtful comments to her. Moose also talked with the media and once said she received backlash and even death threats. 

Moreover, Moose is now busy with her life, and we can see her doing stage shows too. From her Instagram page, Jattana frequently updates her lifestyle. 

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