Muhammad Mokaev Wife: Who Is Khava Eldarbekova?

Muhammad Mokaev Wife is a trending topic about the martial art starlet as people worldwide are trying their best to learn more about the Russian-born star’s personal life. 

Among all the personal details, Muhammad Mokaev Wife is one of the highly requested ones, as people are trying to find out the truth behind the rumours which suggest that Muhammad has been married.

Muhammad Mokaev, a talented mixed martial artist and freestyle wrestler, currently competes in the flyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and previously fought for Brave Combat Federation (BCF). 

He has made quite a name for himself in the sport, currently ranking at #12 in the UFC flyweight rankings as of January 24, 2023.

Born in Buynaksk, Dagestan, Russia, Mokaev comes from a Kumyk family. At the age of 12, Mokaev and his Father moved to England after the passing of his mother. Upon arriving in Liverpool, they were placed in a refugee camp with only £5 a day to survive. 

Eventually, they were relocated to Wigan within their first month in the UK.

Although Mokaev had tried his hand at freestyle wrestling in Dagestan, it wasn’t until he joined the Manchester Wrestling Club in 2013 that he began to enjoy the sport truly and started competing. 

Despite facing hardships early on, Mokaev’s determination and passion for wrestling and MMA have helped him succeed in his career.

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Who Is Khava Eldarbekova? Muhammad Mokaev Wife: Family Details

People worldwide are eager to learn more about the Russian-born martial artist’s life, making Muhammad Mokaev Wife a hot topic.

Many are interested in learning the truth about the rumours that Muhammad is married. Thus, one of the most frequently sought personal information is that of Muhammad Mokaev Wife.

Muhammad Mokaev, a rising star in mixed martial arts, tied the knot with Khava Eldarbekova in September of last year in Turkey. Since then, the couple has resided in Bahrain, where Muhammad has been focused on training for his upcoming fights while Khava works as a medical practitioner.

With the Covid restrictions easing up, the couple had made plans for Khava to visit Muhammad’s Father in the UK. Unfortunately, their goals hit a roadblock when the Home Office rejected their two visiting visas. 

The latest rejection was for a 13-day visa, which was turned down due to the Home Office’s inability to account for the money in Khava’s bank account. The officials feared that Khava might have intentions of overstaying her welcome in the UK, leading to the refusal of her visa application.

Muhammad Mokaev
Muhammad Mokaev is garnering worldwide attention with his career. (Source: BBC)

This has caused significant distress and frustration for the couple, as they had legitimate plans to visit Muhammad’s Father and did not intend to overstay their visa. 

Despite their efforts to provide the necessary documentation and clarify their intentions, their visa applications have been denied, causing them to postpone their trip to the UK until further notice.

Muhammad Mokaev Career Till Now

In November 2015, Muhammad Mokaev made his amateur MMA debut, and by the end of the following year, he had amassed four wins. On February 11 2017, at just 16 years of age, Mokaev clinched the flyweight championship for Tanko FC, defeating his opponent unanimously. 

This marked a significant milestone in his career.

Mokaev continued his impressive winning streak, remaining undefeated over the next four years. 

In 2018 and 2019, he was crowned as the IMMAF Amateur junior bantamweight champion. These accomplishments solidified his position as one of the most promising MMA fighters in the world.

Muhammad Mokaev
Muhammad Mokaev’s career has been impressive so far. (Source: MMA fighting)

Mokaev’s journey in MMA began at Kaobon MMA gym in Liverpool under the guidance of Colin Heron. Starting from the bottom, Mokaev earned his gym membership by cleaning the mats at the gym. 

Through hard work and dedication, he slowly but surely climbed the ranks to become a formidable competitor in the sport.

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