Nancy Pfister Daughter Juliana Pfister: Father Art Pfister

Nancy Pfister daughter Juliana Pfister seems to be living in Aspen and continues to keep her mother’s memories. Here’s what we know about her parents.

Nancy Pfister was an American woman who was discovered dead on February 26, 2014. She was located in a walk-in closet of her secluded home in the Rocky Mountains. 

When she was found, it was known that Pfister was beaten in the head and chest with a hammer, ax, and lamp. Besides, Nancy was well-known in her small community. 

Furthermore, Pfister’s former roommates, Trey and Nancy Styler, were charged with the crime in October 2014. Shortly after that, Trey confessed to her murder.

The classic Dateline about Pfister aired on Sunday, April 23, 2023, at 7 pm E.T., 6 pm C.T. on N.B.C. Following that, everyone has been asking about her daughter Juliana Pfister which we’ve discussed below in depth.

Who Is Nancy Pfister Daughter Juliana Pfister?

Juliana Pfister is the daughter of Nancy Pfister. Juliana was raised by a single mother alongside her brother, whom her mom gave birth to at the age of 39.

Besides, the Pfister siblings were raised by Nancy in a log home her Father had built for her in 1991. When her mother passed away, Juliana was in her 20s.

nancy pfister daughter
Nancy Pfister’s daughter Juliana Pfister talked about her mother’s death. ( Source: Daily Mail )

Juliana was devasted by the death of her mother, and she also talked about it with the media. Meanwhile, she told C.B.S.’ 48 Hours that her mother loved people and was a complete social butterfly.

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Meet Nancy Pfister Father Art Pfister

Art Pfister is the Father of Nancy Pfister. Not to mention, Nancy hailed from a prominent Aspen family. Her Father, Art, was the co-founder of the Buttermilk ski area who made a considerable fortune when he turned his family cattle ranch into the Buttermilk Ski Resort in the year 1958.

Conversely, Nancy’s mother, Betty Haas Pfister, was an American aviator. She was interested in aviation from a young age and started taking flying lessons while attending Bennington College in Vermont.

nancy pfister
Nancy Pfister was discovered dead on February 26, 2014, in a walk-in closet of her private home in the Rocky Mountains. ( Source: CBS News )

Also, Nancy’s mother was a member of the Women Airforce Service Pilots in World War II. After Betty was diagnosed with dementia, Nancy became her caregiver until her death in 2011. Reportedly, Nancy also has two sisters named Suzanne Pfister and Christina Pfister Smith.

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Where Is Nancy Pfister Daughter Juliana Pfister Now?

Nancy Pfister’s daughter Juliana Pfister may be living in Aspen, but she has stayed away from media prominence for a long time. When Trey Styler confessed to slaying Nancy, Juliana felt a sense of relief.

Despite that, Juliana filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his wife, Nancy Styler, once he took his own life. In July 2015, Nancy declared bankruptcy, which Juliana did not know about until she filed her motion in early February 2016.

nancy pfister daughter Juliabna
Nancy Pfister was pictured with her only daughter Juliana Pfister. ( Source: Aspen Times )

Ultimately, because both parties were keen to settle, a bankruptcy judge ordered Nancy to give the proceeds she’d acquired from the Insurance Company to Juliana. 

As we know, Dateline’s new episode recently featured the story of Nancy Pfister, but they didn’t give much info about Juliana’s current status. 

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