Nastia Liukin Weight Gain Or Weight Loss: Health Update 2023

Former artistic gymnast Nastia Liukin weight gain and loss have led to body shaming. Explore the details below.

Nastia Liukin is a former Olympic gymnast who has inspired many people with her achievements.

The Russian-born American gymnast won five medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, including the gold medal in the all-around competition.

She retired from the sport in 2012 but remained involved as a coach, commentator, and advocate for gymnastics.

She also launched her lifestyle brand, Nastia Liukin Collection, and became a famous influencer on social media.

She has garnered considerable fan following and fame and name throughout her career.

As with many other famous figures, the former gymnast has faced body shaming from both ends of the spectrum, as she was criticized for her weight fluctuations and appearance.

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Nastia Liukin Weight Gain And Weight Loss

Nastia Liukin faced body shaming for her weight fluctuations.

The former gymnast reportedly gained 25 lbs after retiring from her career and stopping her intense training regimen.

Nastia Liukin Weight Gain
The former gymnast Nastia Liukin faced criticism and body shaming for weight gain and loss. (Image Source: The Blast)

In an interview with StyleCaster in 2018, Nastia revealed that she was called “fat” by some people.

Liukin said she was known as a stint, fair-haired gymnast in a tight-fitting outfit, but when her body changed naturally, people reacted with shock and said, ‘Oh my God. You’re so fat.”

Following this, her confidence took a hit, and she started to avoid going to events and stayed in her apartment instead.

“I felt like I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t know what to wear. I lost all my self-confidence,” revealed the former gymnast in the same interview.

She added she didn’t want to do anything or go anywhere because she felt so insecure about herself and her body because of what other people said.

Finally, Nastia realized that her body would never look the same as when training for the Olympics and stopped putting pressure on herself.

She started focusing on her health and started to lose weight. However, the body shaming evolved into accusations of being “too thin.”

Liukin told the StyleCaster, “You’re always being body-shamed, no matter what.”

The gymnast also revealed that someone commented on her Instagram, ‘Wow. When are you going to start eating again?

“I eat just fine. I am healthy. It hurts the same, whether it’s one way or another. You’re never going to be what people want, no matter what,” added Liukin.

The criticism and body shaming did not stop there. The Olympic medalist is still being body-shamed.

In addition, many of her Instagram posts have accused her of suffering from an eating disorder.

Nastia Liukin Health Update 2023

Nastia Liukin is healthy and doing well. She doesn’t have any health issues.

Nastia Liukin Weight Gain
The Olympic gold medalist, Nastia Liukin, is in good health. (Image Source: The Today Show)

Nastia Liukin weight gain and loss have also led to concerns. Recently, some of her fans were concerned that she had an eating disorder as she looked too thin.

However, her well-wishers can rest assured as she is in good health. Nastia Liukin is an excellent person who has left a significant mark on the sports world.

Regardless of her weight and appearance, she is among the most decorated American gymnasts ever, with five Olympic medals, nine World Championships medals, and four U.S. national titles.

Instead of focusing on her appearance and weight, fans should focus on her skill and artistry.

Liukin deserves respect and admiration for her accomplishments and contributions to the sports world.

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