Police arrest man they say was begging in Bolton town centre

Officers claim Shane Moran was approaching stationary vehicles at the junction of Top Way.

The 51-year-old was picked up by the Town Centre Neighbourhood Team.

A police spokesperson said: “Moran has been charged and remanded and is due in court tomorrow morning.”

Earlier this year Bolton police chiefs urged people not to give beggars money.

Chief Inspector Justine Topping said while it was a “complex issue” each individual who went begging in the town centre was known to support services.

It also emerged earlier this year that begging in the town centre was seven times as big an issue for police as any other.

Between April 2019 and August last year street beggars were encountered on 772 occasions by police.

This compared to 91 occasions on which police were forced to confront people for drinking on the streets.

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