Proud Boys Joe Biggs Wife: Kids And Family

Who is Joe Biggs wife Katharine Mitchell? American citizen Joseph Randall Biggs is a prominent member of the far-right organization Proud Boys and a previously convicted felon. 

A federal grand jury indicted Biggs for conspiracy in relation to the 2021 attack on the US Capitol in March 2021. 

In June 2022, he and four other Proud Boy leaders were charged with seditious conspiracy for their alleged roles in that assault. 

Biggs and three other Proud Boys members were convicted of seditious conspiracy in May 2023 by a jury. A 17-year prison term was imposed on Biggs on August 31, 2023.

One of the worst sentences handed down thus far in the more than 1,100 criminal charges connected to the Capitol attack, Biggs’s was also one of the few to be officially classified as a terrorist act. 

Who is Joe Biggs wife? Read this article till the end and get to know about Joseph Biggs personal life.

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Who Is Joe Biggs Wife? Kids And Family

Biggs has identified himself as a former United States Army member born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

It is private information to mention Joseph Biggs wife and other family members by name. This might have happened for security or for any other reason.

Sometimes, specific information about the offender’s family is withheld for privacy reasons. As soon as we find out anything regarding his wife and family, we’ll let you know about his personal life.

Joe Biggs Wife
Joe Biggs wife details are yet to be mentioned on the internet. (Source: Al Jazeera)

Biggs was a prominent far-right online figure. Additionally, he served as the group’s leader and organizer for the Proud Boys, an extreme organization with neofascist, nationalist, and self-described “Western-chauvinist” ideas.

Biggs tweeted patriotic, family-friendly, and science-focused content from at least 2012 through 2016. 

Media Matters for America noted in 2017 that Biggs had posted remarks encouraging “date rape and sexual violence” on social media.  

Proud Boys Leader Joe Biggs Sentenced For Capitol Riot

One of the heaviest prison penalties for the US Capitol riot has been handed down to a leader of the far-right Proud Boys: 17 years.

Joe Biggs, a 38-year-old former US Army soldier, is accused of being one of the organizers of the 6 January 2021 storming of Congress.

In May, the former Infowars reporter was found guilty of seditious conspiracy and other offenses. Biggs begged for forgiveness and professed regret for his deeds in court.

US District Judge Timothy Kelly imposed a sentence that is less than the 33 years sought by the prosecution and the federal sentencing guidelines.

Zachary Rehl, a different member of the Proud Boys, received a similar 15-year sentence on Thursday for seditious conspiracy.

Rehl, a former US Marine and the head of the Proud Boys’ Philadelphia chapter was caught on camera during the disturbance blasting a chemical irritant at security personnel outside the Capitol.

Joe Biggs wife
Joe Biggs, the head of the Proud Boys, was given a 17-year term for the Capitol disturbance. (Source: WHY)

Biggs was found guilty of many crimes in May, including seditious conspiracy, interfering with law enforcement during a civil disturbance, and using intimidation or threats to impede authorities from carrying out their jobs. 

The prosecution utilized text messages, social media posts, and videos to demonstrate the Proud Boys’ involvement in a planned attack on the Capitol’s certification of the 2020 election.

More than 1,100 persons had been detained on riot-related accusations as of August 6; as a result, more than 630 of them entered guilty pleas, and 110 of them were found guilty.

Stewart Rhodes, the founder of Oath Keepers, was another famous riot participant who received an 18-year prison term in May. 

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