Queen Bee TikTok Blackmail Video Explained: Is She Chinese?

Queen Bee TikTok Blackmail video goes viral as she recently blackmailed Dr. Rozer Sandhu, who is said to be her ex-partner. Here’s everything you need to know.

Queen Bee is a TikTok star who is registered on the platform under the username @queen_bee_officiall and has gained more than 215.8k followers.

According to her TikTok bio, she is a Ph tech/Aesthetician. Also, she calls herself an influencer, and from her TikTok handle, Queen makes regular posts.

We can see her dance and lipsync videos on her account that have gained millions of views. She also does live streams, and in one of her recent streams, she blackmailed her alleged ex-boyfriend Dr. Rozer Shandu.

Following that, the video has been making headlines, and everyone has been asking for an explanation which we’ve discussed below in depth.

Queen Bee TikTok Blackmail Video Explained

TikTok star Queen Bee is going viral following her arrest as she recently blackmailed Dr. Rozer Shandu, her alleged ex-boyfriend and a doctor.

In a recent live stream, Queen Bee blackmailed Rozer. Following that, Rozer called Police on his live stream and explained the whole situation to the Police.

Exploring the video, we can say that Queen reportedly asked for money and even asked for apologizes. Likewise, Rozer claimed Queen exposed her cousin, making multiple claims. Not only that, but she also shared Rozer’s private part’s image on Snapchat.

Queen Bee TikTok Blackmail
Queen Bee blackmailed Dr. Rozer Shandu on her TikTok live stream. ( Source: YouTube )

The situation got hyped when Queen Bee said she had got everything recorded. Following that, it can be said that she was trying to expose Rozer and share everything she had with her. 

Due to that, Queen Bee went viral, and following the complaint made by Rozer, she was arrested.

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Queen Bee Arrested: Charges Details Explored

Following the complaint made by Rozer Shandu, Queen Bee was arrested. As we know, she does live to stream, and the video of being detained is also going viral.

Queen Bee was on live stream, and in the video, we can see some cops coming to her residence and explaining everything. So, the Police were arresting Queen Bee for blackmailing, revenge, and hate crimes.

Queen Bee Arrested
Queen Bee was arrested on April 17, 2023, and she also recorded the video. ( Source: TikTok )

After that, Bee stopped the recording, and the video caused a stir on social media as it has been shared heavily. 

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Queen Bee In Jail Blackmail Case Update: Is She Chinese

Dr. Rozer Shandu recently gave an update on Queen Bee’s arrest via his TikTok video. As we know, she was arrested on April 17, 2023, in her live stream on charges of blackmailing, revenge, and hate crimes.

In the update video, Rozer said that Queen Bee was with the Police, and they asked for his statement. In the video, he also mentioned that he had not given a statement as he was preparing with solicitors.

Queen Bee update
The video of Queen Be’s arrest is all over TikTok. ( Source: TikTok )

Likewise, he also said that they would battle for this case in court, and more details will be updated soon. To get updated, we can also visit Rozer’s TikTok account, where he is registered under the username @dr.rozersandhu25. 

Apart from that, people are also eager to know if Queen Bee is Chinese. There is no fact about the TikTok star being Chinese as her accent and some of her videos show that, she may be from Pakistan. 

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