Quentin Ratieuville Wikipedia And Maladian(Disease)

Quentin Ratieuville wikipedia has been covered in this article. Let’s get to know everything about the comedian’s maladian.

Quentin Ratieuville is a renowned comedian who is widely famous for his humorous performances. He began writing at the age of 6 and even wrote a letter to the President of the Republic with the help of his grandfather.

Furthermore, Quentin has already performed on various stages, including at a comedy festival in Saint-Aubin-Celloville, near Rouen. 

His first show, named, Always Standing, came on November 13, 2021, at the Théâtre à l’Ouest. Moreover, he has come a long way and has gained a decent fan base on social media handles.

As his fans often get curious about his life, let’s get to know everything in detail.

Quentin Ratieuville Wikipedia And Biographie

Quentin Ratieuville is a humorist from Rouen who has come a long way from a challenging journey. He says humor has saved his life. So, it can be said that he was passionate about it from a young age.

Loïc Bonnet, the producer of Quentin and director of the Théâtre à l’Ouest de Rouen, said when he met Quentin, he was in a wheelchair. 

Quentin Ratieuville Wikipedia
Quentin Ratieuville was photographed while performing on the stage in 2021. ( Source: YouTube )

As of now, there are not many details regarding his family background, as the humorist has not shared much information with the media. 

However, Ratieuville has talked about his parents in the media, saying they have supported him since the beginning of his career. 

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Quentin Ratieuville Maladan (Disease): What Disability Does He Have?

As we know, Quentin Ratieuville’s health has been a concern to many, and he has been open about it for a long time. The talented humorist suffers from two syndromes: Marfan and Loeys-Dietz.

The two genetic diseases that lead to heart and bone defects. Marfan syndrome is a genetic condition that impacts connective tissue, supporting the body and organs. 

On the other hand, Loeys-Dietz syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects connective tissue. It is reported that Ratieuville has survived 21 operations. 

quentin ratieuville illness
Quentin Ratieuville suffers from two syndromes: Marfan and Loeys-Dietz. ( Source: Instagram )

He has been open about the dark phases of life. When he was just five years old, he was asked if he wanted to have heart surgery and if he wanted to live or die. So, his parents always wanted to know if he was okay with everything medical procedure that was done to him.

Furthermore, Quentin talks about his health condition in his performances too. Quentin said in one of his stage performances that if he laughs at himself, it’s self-mockery, but if someone laughs at him, it is discrimination against a disabled person. 

He also said it is punishable by three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros. Meanwhile, it was part of a joke he said to entertain people.

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Quentin Ratieuville Health Update In 2023

We’ve already discussed everything about Quentin Ratieuville’s health; now, he must be fine. We can find Ratieuville on Instagram as @quentin_oofficiel.

quentin ratieuville
Quentin Ratieuville shares a photo on Instagram from his recent event. (Source: Instagram)

More than 24k people have followed Quentin. From his Instagram page, Ratieuville showcases his ongoing lifestyle and daily events. 

Apart from that, we can find his active presence on other social media platforms, which all show that he is doing well in his life. 

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