Rapper Lowell Grissom Shot To Death Inside GALA Night Club

Lowell Grissom’s tragic death due to being shot at a Miami Beach nightclub has left the music community in mourning.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, a shooting occurred at GALA Nightclub in Miami Beach, tragically resulting in a man’s death and two women’s injuries. 

The shocking incident is currently under investigation by the authorities. The victim has been identified as Lowell Grissom, a 37-year-old rapper from California known by his stage name EveryBodyKnowsLo. 

Grissom, known by his stage name Everybody Knows Lo or Young Lo, had a significant presence in the hip-hop community and was highly regarded by his fans and peers.

This article will provide further details about the shooting and what is currently known about the victim.

Rapper Lowell Grissom Shot To Death 

The news of rapper Lowell Grissom being shot to death at a Miami Beach nightclub has sent shockwaves through the music industry.

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The tweet is about the identification of the man who was killed on 23rd St in Miami Beach as Lowell Grissom. (Source: Twitter)

The incident occurred at the Gala Miami nightclub, where Grissom was partying with two female companions. 

The shooting happened in the early morning, prompting a call to the Florida City Police. They discovered three gunshot victims when they arrived, including Grissom and the two women he was with. 

Despite being rushed to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Grissom’s injuries were too severe, and he passed away.

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Following Grissom’s death, many people have taken to social media to express their condolences and pay tribute to the talented rapper.

GALA Night Club Fatal Shooting: What Happened?

In the early hours of Sunday morning, Miami Beach Police Department received an emergency call reporting gunshots at GALA Nightclub at 235 23rd Street. 

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The tweet is a plea from Global DJ Mr. Cee asking Fox LA to repost a message to help find the killer of his cousin, Lowell Grissom Jr. (Source: Twitter)

Upon arrival, law enforcement found three individuals with gunshot wounds. The victims were quickly taken to Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital, where a man died from his injuries. 

The two women were expected to recover, with one released from the hospital by Monday and the other in stable condition. According to a witness, there was chaos in the club, with people screaming and running. 

The club’s security personnel tried to help them inside, but they couldn’t hear the shots over the noise from the street. The situation was said to be terrible.

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The officials are investigating the incident; no arrests have been made yet. The motive behind the shooting is also unknown.

Lowell Grissom Obituary Details

As of now, the obituary details for Lowell Grissom have not been released to the public. 

It is common for families to request privacy during the mourning process, and as such, they may choose to keep the details of their loved one’s passing private.

Lowell Grissom, who went by the stage name EveryBodyKnowsLo, was a well-known rapper and entrepreneur with extensive experience in the entertainment industry, particularly in songwriting and music production. 

He had a professional association with A&R music Company and recently worked with prominent artists like Drake, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Ray J. 

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Grissom was known to be an innovative and dynamic musician with remarkable interpersonal skills that enabled him to forge strong relationships with industry leaders and A-list celebrities.

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