Rolling Stones drop music video for ‘Angry’ starring Sydney Sweeney

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Rolling Stones Angry music video

Rolling Stones Angry music video

Sydney Sweeney was seen filming a music video earlier this summer while riding in the back of a classic convertible across Los Angeles. Many people at the time assumed that the actress was making the traditional switch from acting to music. This wasn’t a preview of Cassie’s likely antics on the forthcoming Euphoria season, however, considering the present SAG-AFTRA strike. Despite having to wait a few months, we now have the solution. The Rolling Stones released the music video for their most recent single, “Angry,” on Wednesday. In it, Sweeney is shown as a rock and roll diva who is sitting on the hood of a red automobile and strolling down Sunset Boulevard with her distinctive blonde hair blowing in the wind. Billboards also had images of the band projected onto them over the years.

The actress naturally switched out her customary robes and Miu Miu ensembles for some more Rolling Stones-appropriate attire. The actress wore a plunging corset with a zip-up front, star-shaped chaps, and little shorts covered with beading. The outfit worked even better when Sweeney strung her air guitar throughout the film; it would have been suitable for an early morning maths session at Euphoria High School. The renowned band’s next album Hackney Diamonds, their first full-length release since 2005, has “Angry” as the lead song. However, Sweeney isn’t the only well-known figure who will be there.

On the October 20th song “Sweet Sound Of Heaven,” Lady Gaga will collaborate with the rockers. The actress expressed her surprise at the offer to be in the video during a press conference. “I freaked out and called my family,” Sweeney reportedly said. The biggest thing to ever happen is this. I love the song; it keeps playing in my head even though I had no idea it would be the first single. However, Sweeney’s current career hasn’t been entirely Rock & Roll. The 25-year-old exchanged her Hollywood shenanigans over the weekend to walk the Venice Film Festival red carpet.

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