Rosa Elvira Cartagena Wikipedia And Edad: How Old Is She

Rosa Elvira Cartagena wikipedia: the former beauty queen is one of the most controversial personalities in the beauty pageant world.

Rosa Elvira Cartagena became a household name in her country after winning the crown of 1998 Miss Peru.

However, she got involved in many scandals, including fights in the street and lies about her crown being stolen. Ultimately, the Miss Peru organization fired her for lying about losing her crown.

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Rosa Elvira Cartagena Wikipedia And Edad: How Old Is Former Miss Perú?

Rosa Elvira Cartagena is a former beauty pageant who was crowned Miss Peru in 1998.

The date of birth of the former model is unknown. However, considering the fact that she participated in a beauty pageant in the late nineties, she must be in her early forties. Don César Cartagena is the name of her father.

Former Miss Peru is remembered for her involvement in several scandals that occurred in the late nineties.

Rosa Elvira Cartagena wikipedia
Rosa Elvira Cartagena was crowned as Miss Peru in April 1998. (Image Source: Infobae)

After winning the 1998 Miss Peru title, Rosa allegedly participated in Miss Ambar in the Dominican Republic. She reportedly won the contest. When the information popped up in the local media, Rosa denied it. In addition, the model blamed her family for it.

However, a quick investigation led by Jessica Newton revealed her lie. Rosa was immediately removed from her throne, forcing her to hand her crown over when she arrived in Peru.

But that’s when the biggest surprise came. After reaching Peru, the former beauty queen claimed her crown was stolen. The brown is reportedly worth $100,000.

She said the valuable crown was supposedly stolen from her suitcase after she reached the airport as it was not with her belongings.

The authority immediately began investigating the case. Following a lengthy investigation, the police discovered that Rosa lied about the matter. In reality, she had never lost the crown and had it in her possession.

What Happened To Rosa Elvira Cartagena After Her Lie Was Discovered?

Even though she didn’t need to go to jail for inventing a robbery, the model was prevented from competing or participating in any other beauty contest and has since become a symbol of what a queen shouldn’t do.

While appearing in ‘The Value of Truth’ in 2019, Jessica Newton recalled this incident and noted that Rosa Elvira Cartagena was the most dishonest Miss Peru she had ever encountered.

Afterward, Cartagena relocated to the United States to start a new life. She was involved in modeling for several years and participated in several catwalks.

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Where Is Rosa Elvira Cartagena Now?

As reported by ATV, the former Miss Peru is working as a dialysis technician in Miami, United States. She is also studying nursing to grow professionally.

Rosa Elvira Cartagena Wikipedia
The 1998 Miss Peru Rosa Elvira Cartagena works as a dialysis technician in Miami, United States. (Image Source: La Republica)

Moreover, in an interview with Trome newspaper, she said she worked in a hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the time, the former beauty pageant told the newspaper that she was working in the health sector because all the health personnel worldwide are doing it and more.

“I work as a medical assistant and a dialysis technician. I have a year and a half to finish my nursing program, but everything is fine,” she told the same publication.

Furthermore, the ex-beauty queen is active on Instagram under the username @rosaelvira.cartagena. But her account is private. She has nearly 10K followers.

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