Silvina Luna Enfermedad And Salud 2023: Kidney Disease

Silvina Luna Enfermedad news has gone viral on the internet as the news of her death was shared recently. Find out more about her salud.

Silvina Luna was a notable model, actress and vedette from Argentina who made appearances on many television shows, including El Hotel de los famosos, Bailando por un sueño, and Don Francisco Presenta.

In addition to that, Luna has also appeared in many reality TV shows, such as Tu Cara Me Suena (season 2), Divina Comida, and Bailando 2017.

As a well-known model, Luna was featured on the cover of various magazines like the Argentine Maxim magazine, Interviú magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue.

Silvina Luna Enfermedad Details

The news of Silvina Luna Enfermedad (illness) has been searched by many people following her death on August 31, 2023. She died in Argentina after years of health problems related to a plastic surgery nightmare.

Furthermore, Luna was reportedly dealing with her health for many years and had been in and out of hospitals for some time. 

Nearly all her health problems derived from applying a toxic substance to her body during cosmetic surgery carried out years ago by Aníbal Lotocki, a disgraced doctor facing malpractice prosecution.

Silvina Luna Enfermedad
Silvina Luna had various issues with her health which the actress talked openly in the media. (Source: Instagram)

She was in need of a kidney transplant and normally had to undergo three dialysis sessions a week, for four hours at a time, just to survive. 

Moreover, Luna had been in hospital for 79 days. Further, she was admitted to the institution in Almagro on June 13, 2023, with hypercalcemia, which led to sharp renal failure. Also, complications from a Covid-19 diagnosis had upset her immune system.

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Silvina Luna Salud 2023 Update

Silvina Luna 2023 salud (health) update was not fine. As said earlier, she has been dealing with various health issues for many years. Aníbal Lotocki placed methacrylate, a silicone-like compound, in large areas of the body.

Later, it produced hypercalcemia that resulted in kidney failure. Aníbal was sentenced to four years in prison and five without practicing medicine, but he now remains free and active. 

Silvina Luna Salud
Silvina Luna shared a video on her Instagram account giving updates regarding her health problems. (Source: Instagram)

In 2016, Luna traveled to Miami, where she met with Argentinian doctor Cristian Perez, who released the dangerous substance from her buttocks. 

Furthermore, Silvina was open about her health issues, and he talked about the matter in various interviews. While speaking to C5N television, Argentinian doctor Cristian Perez talked about the condition of Luna.

Did Silvina Luna Have Kidney Disease Or Cancer?

Silvina Luna had a kidney-related disease and passed away at the age of 43. It has been said that Luna was waiting for a new kidney.

However, her condition deteriorated, and she was hospitalized on June 13, 2023. According to an online report, Luna was put under sedation for almost two weeks, until June 29, when she was released from the ventilator.

On August 19, the hospital released a statement saying that Luna was breathing independently, with kinesiological, nutritional and psychological rehabilitation.

Silvina Luna Kidney Disease
Silvina Luna had kidney-related disease, and her condition was getting worse in her last days; she died on August 31, 2023. (Source: Instagram)

Her brother, Ezequiel Luna, gave doctors the approval to disconnect Luna from a ventilator at noon Thursday. She contracted a bacteria in recent days.

Following the news of Luna’s demise, fans and followers are sharing their words for the beloved actress and model. 

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