Stephen Shane Barton of Rochester, Washington Missing; Family Cries for Help to Find Him

A man named Stephen “Shane” Barton from Rochester, Washington has gone missing and his family is crying for help to find him. Read on to learn how is Shane Barton, what happened to him, and what’s the latest update on his missing case.

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Shane’s wife has posted on social media along with the local Sherrif as a search operation is going on for the man. At this time, there are no clues available as to where did he go and what the cause was behind his disappearance.

Who is Stephen “Shane” Barton?

Stephen “Shane” Barton is a young man from Rochester, Washington. Popular known in the locality as Shane Barton, he resides at 7600 Block of Scatterview Lane SW in the Rochester area.

Shane has white hair, and brown eyes, and belongs to the white ethnicity. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall and is just fit. He is married to Mrs. Barton who is currently leading the operation to search for her missing husband.

Stephen “Shane” Barton Missing: Please Help Find Him

Stephen “Shane” Barton is missing since Thursday, March 09, 2023, from his residence at 7600 Block of Scatterview Lane SW, in the Rochester area. He was last seen leaving his home by the neighbors without his vehicle, which is parked at his property.

Shane Barton is without his wallet or mobile phone. It’s not known where did he go and if there was foul play involved in his missing. The Sherrif has searched the premises of his house and the surrounding areas.

No clue or lead has been found in the search yet. If you have any information regarding Shane Barton and his missing case, please dial (360) 704-2740 to contact Dispatch or dial 911.

When & Where was Shane Barton last seen at?

Shane Barton was last seen at his house in the Rochester area before going missing on March 9th. The TCSO searched his property with the assistance of WSP aircraft but nothing was found. Stephen was not located.

The search is going on as the Barton family is requesting anyone and everyone to contribute to the missing to bring Stephen back home safely. If you have any information regarding the missing person, please don’t refrain from contacting the police or his family.

Is Stephen “Shane” Barton Still Missing?

Yes, Stephen “Shane” Barton is still missing and he has not been located yet. The search missing to find him is still going on and he has yet to be found. Stephen’s family, friends, and relatives are actively participating in the search operation.

Please pray for the family as it struggles with negative thoughts and help them find their beloved members. You can call 911 if you have any information or clue about the missing person.

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