Three Womens Found Dead in Cardiff Car Crash

Devastating news has come out of Wales, as three young women were found dead after a night out in Cardiff. Sophie Russon, 20, Eve Smith, 21, and Darcy Ross, 21 have been identified by police as the victims of this tragedy. The group of five people had not been seen together since early Saturday morning in Cardiff. The other two individuals, Rafel Jeanne and Shane Loughlin, were hospitalized but survived the crash. Keep reading more.

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When did Sophie Russon go missing? What Actually Happened?

According to local media reports, the five friends were reported missing a few hours after leaving a nightclub in Cardiff at 4am on Saturday morning. A search was launched by authorities to find the missing individuals. On Sunday afternoon, police confirmed that three bodies had been found near Ogmore-by-Sea.

The bodies were later identified as Sophie Russon, Eve Smith and Darcy Ross.
The other two individuals who were with them that night, Rafel Jeanne and Shane Loughlin were taken to hospital for treatment but are now said to be in a stable condition. It is still unclear what caused the tragic accident; however the police are currently investigating it and have appealed for witnesses who saw anything suspicious during that time to come forward with information.
At this time no further details have been released about how the accident happened or why these three young women died so tragically. Our hearts go out to all those affected by this terrible incident and we hope that justice will be served soon so that some closure can be brought to their families and loved ones.

when going out late at night or when engaging in risky activities like drinking alcohol or taking drugs which can alter your judgement and put you at higher risk for accidents or injuries due to impaired decision making skills.

We hope that those affected by this tragedy can find peace knowing that memories of those lost will live on forever through stories shared among friends and family members alike. Let’s make sure we take extra care when engaging in activities that could potentially lead us into danger so we can all return home safe each night without any harm done!

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