Traffic problems on Dearden Street, Little Lever, continue

Traffic problems on a road in Little Lever cannot be resolved until nearby construction has been finished, a councillor has said.

Residents of Dearden Street had previously raised concerns about traffic there when the road became the site of a crash in March.

The construction of new Bolton at Home development Lever Gardens in the area, situated between Dearden Street and Lever Street, was also a point of concern for residents.

Calls were made for a one-way system in the area to ease the flow of traffic, but a consultation cannot go ahead until construction at Lever Gardens is finished.

The Bolton News: Bolton at Home development Lever Gardens is currently being constructed in the areaBolton at Home development Lever Gardens is currently being constructed in the area (Image: Bolton at Home)

Cllr Sean Hornby of Little Lever and Darcy Lever said: “With regards to Dearden Street, highways officers have been out to it and a consultation process was done about five years ago.

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“The outcome was they wouldn’t proceed with a one-way system.

“I can understand people’s annoyance at this moment in time. The problem is, we can’t do the consultation yet whilst the new Lever Gardens development is being completed.

“After the works are complete, then it will go to consultation.”

The Bolton News: Residents are concerned about traffic on Dearden StreetResidents are concerned about traffic on Dearden Street (Image: Local resident)

He added: “Something needs doing at that junction, there certainly needs to be no HGVs going along Dearden Street.

“There are some issues with careless driving too. One suggestion has been to widen the road, but then people would just go faster.

“Also, where the junction is, there is a pub on one side and a house on the other side, so they wouldn’t be able to widen it there.

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“As soon as they are able to consult, they will consult. It’s there with senior highways officers.

“We’re working with residents until it goes to consultation.”

Cllr Hornby said that the current phase of works should be finished by January, with interior works being focused on, which would be using smaller vehicles than currently.

The Bolton News: Cllr Sean Hornby says the council are working with residents on the issueCllr Sean Hornby says the council are working with residents on the issue (Image: Bolton Council)

Resident Joanne Mutch raised her concern about the traffic.

She said: “It’s horrendous, I mean the amount of road rage is horrendous.

“Cars have been hit, wagons are double parking to get into the building site, though the guys in the building site do try their best, but it’s a busy road.

“There’s schoolkids walking twice a day and there’s people driving up the pavements.

“They should have it blocked off halfway so it’s not a through road. Everybody uses it as a shortcut.

“If you speak to residents on the street, they all feel the same. It’s frustrating more than anything, because we as residents can see what needs to be done.”

She added: “I’ve lived here for 26 years, it’s always been the same. It’s not because of the builders, it’s worse because of the builders.

“I’ve said for 26 years, until a child is hit, nothing will be done.”

Former ward councillor and Little Lever resident, David Evans, raised his fears too.

He said: “My concern is, I was the senior ward councillor when it was brought to the attention of council and ward members.

“To my astonishment, I walked down there a week or so ago and traffic is just like it was.

“I contacted the resident who had initially got in contact with us to ask if there had been any progress, she said no.

“Myself and another councillor consulted all residents on that street and Lever Street.

“There was overwhelming support for a gyratory system, so that would help tremendously with traffic congestion.”

A gyratory system is where one-way streets go round in a circle, akin to a roundabout.

Mr Evans added: “With the plans for housing, surely that’s going to compound the situation.

“I’m not going to say I’m surprised, I’m just disappointed that nobody has been more proactive in alleviating residents’ concerns and sorting the traffic problem.

“It’s a hazard, there’s no two ways about it.”

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