Trailer and digger recovered in Bolton after being stolen from farm

A trailer and a digger were recovered by police after being stolen from a farm near Haslingden.

Rossendale Rural Task Force said they were made aware of an IforWilliams Trailer and a Volvo Mini digger that had stolen from the farm in the Rising Bridge area.

A police spokesperson said: “Thanks to Rural Task Force officers linking in directly with Greater Manchester Police the stolen equipment was recovered shortly afterwards at a site in the Bolton area before it could be moved on again. The stolen property was returned to the victim the same afternoon.

“We are committed to reducing these incidents and will continue to work hard to bring offenders to justice. However, don’t make it easy for criminals to take your hard earned property.

“Invest in good CCTV systems and place cameras at entrances, exits and storage areas; explore security devices for your equipment; fit tracking systems that are not easily identifiable / removeable and inform the Rural Task Force should you encounter any thefts or suspicious individuals and vehicles entering your rural yards.”

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