Trevor Jacob Arrest After Youtuber Plane Crash Video Gone Viral

The latest news about Trevor Jacob arrest will be discussed in this article. Find out detailed information about the video going viral on the Internet. 

The US Department of Justice announced that Trevor Jacob, a YouTuber, has agreed to plead guilty to obstructing a federal investigation after purposely destroying the wreckage of a small plane he crashed in California. 

Continue reading to learn more about the arrest and charges Trevor is facing right now. 

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Trevor Jacob Arrest After Youtuber Plane Crash

Trevor Jacob, a YouTuber and former Olympic snowboarder, may face a 20-year jail sentence after he admitted to obstructing a federal investigation by intentionally destroying the wreckage of his crashed plane.

Jacob intentionally crashed the single-engine plane to boost his viewing figures and posted footage of himself parachuting into the Los Padres National Forest on YouTube.

YouTube stuntman Trevor Jacob faces 20 years for destroying plane wreckage.
YouTube stuntman Trevor Jacob faces 20 years for destroying plane wreckage. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Despite being ordered to preserve the wreckage, Jacob winched it out with a helicopter and cut it into small pieces, dumping them in rubbish bins.

He admitted to lying to federal investigators and creating the video to make money through sponsorship. Jacob’s pilot’s license was revoked in April 2022 by the FAA.

The video Jacob posted received criticism from pilots and aviation experts who noted his failure to take basic steps to restart his plane’s engine, which appeared to be in trouble.

Despite his online fame and daring stunts, Jacob’s actions in deliberately crashing his plane and subsequently obstructing a federal investigation have landed him in legal trouble.

They could result in a lengthy prison sentence. Jacob is expected to enter his plea in Los Angeles and be sentenced later. 

Trevor Jacob Youtube Video Gone Viral Online 

According to a plea agreement filed in the US District Court in Los Angeles, Trevor Jacob, the YouTuber who intentionally crashed his plane, has admitted that he arranged the crash as part of a sponsorship deal.

The crash footage, viewed almost three million times, shows Jacob ejecting from the plane with a selfie stick before parachuting into the forest.

Cameras mounted on the plane’s wing and tail and the camera he carried captured the crash and his landing, and he later hiked to the crash site to recover the onboard cameras’ video. 

Jacob gained online fame in 2018 for a video of him skateboarding off a roof and into a pool.
Jacob gained online fame in 2018 for a video of skateboarding off a roof and into a pool. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

In the video he posted, Jacob is seen parachuting from the plane and later hiking to the wreckage, where he appears to struggle to find civilization.

Following the incident, an investigation was done by the Federal Aviation Administration and also by the National Transportation Safety Board, and Jacob was instructed to preserve the remains of the plane.

However, he and a friend winched the wreckage out of the forest with a helicopter and cut it into small pieces over the next few days, dumping the parts in trash bins in and around Lompoc City Airport.

In his plea agreement, Jacob acknowledged that he had intentionally obstructed federal authorities when he disposed of the wreckage and produced the video as part of a sponsorship deal with a wallet company.

He also confessed to lying to investigators about the aircraft accident incident report, which falsely claimed that the plane had experienced a complete loss of power around 35 minutes after takeoff.

Additionally, he lied to an FAA aviation safety inspector, stating that the plane’s engine had failed and that he had jumped out of the aircraft because he couldn’t identify any safe landing options.

The Department of Justice released a statement outlining these admissions by Jacob.

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