Was David Bloom Jewish? Journalist Religion & Ethnicity

Was David Bloom Jewish? Famous American Journalist David Bloom covered numerous topics throughout the globe while working for N.B.C. News.

While reporting from Iraq in 2003, he passed away, leaving behind his wife and three girls. So who is the wife of David Bloom? How did she manage to deal with losing her husband?

American Journalist and television news correspondent David Bloom (1963–2003). He was well known for reporting on international health issues and covering the Iraq War.

Bloom worked for several news organizations throughout his career, including N.B.C., CNN, and Dallas Morning News.

David covered several significant news events, including the invasion of Afghanistan, the 9/11 attacks, and the Gulf War.

David’s decision to preserve his memory by promoting deep vein thrombosis (DVT), the illness that resulted in his demise.

Beal became a spokeswoman for the Coalition to Prevent DVT and spoke in front of Congress to urge more study and information about the condition.

She occasionally appeared on N.B.C. News following her husband’s passing to discuss his legacy and work.

Their blended family of five children resided with them in Pound Ridge, New York.

Was David Bloom Jewish? Let’s read on to know more. 

Was David Bloom Jewish? Journalist Religion, Ethnicity, And Nationality

Was David Bloom Jewish? Yes, he was. Bloom was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, to social workers and second-generation Jews. Lucille, the couple’s daughter, was born two years prior.

When Bloom was thirteen, he read an article on the University of Chicago in Reader’s Digest and told his parents he wanted to go there.

Was David Bloom Jewish
Was David Bloom Jewish? (Source: People)

However, his parents thought this was unrealistic and did not support his hopes.

However, after relocating to Chicago in 1944, his parents made friends with a physician whose son was enrolled in the University of Chicago’s humanities program for talented kids.

Bloom began working toward his degree at the age of fifteen after being accepted to the same program in 1946, and he spent the following ten years studying there.

His passion for the “idea” of the University has grown since then.

Who Are the Daughters of David Bloom?

At the time of his passing, David had three daughters, Christine, Nicole, and Ava, who were 9, 9, and 3 years old, respectively.

His children have grown up to be strong, successful young women who honor their Father’s heritage and appreciate their memories of him.

In a recent interview with Today, they discussed how they dealt with his death and some of the last things he spoke to them before leaving for Iraq.

According to David’s children, they are proud of their Father’s accomplishments and legacy and acknowledge his influence on their lives.

Christine is a reporter for A.B.C. News, while Nicole is a producer for N.B.C. News.

Ava attends Pitzer College, the same institution her parents attended. She wants to make a positive difference and is passionate about social justice and environmental issues.

Who is Melanie Beal, David Bloom’s wife?

David Beal married Melanie Beal, his college sweetheart, in 1990.

They settled in New York City, where David rose to fame at N.B.C. News by covering significant events like the 9/11 attacks and the presidential elections.

Melanie Beal looked after their three daughters while promoting her husband’s profession. She also served as a consultant in public relations for numerous clients.

Was David Bloom Jewish
David Bloom family. (Source: Today)

While serving alongside American forces in Iraq on April 6, 2003, David Bloom passed away from a pulmonary embolism, a blood clot that moved from his leg to his lung.

Age-wise, he was 39. After flying there, Neal Shapiro, president of N.B.C. News, delivered the terrible news to Melanie Beal at home.

Although the loss of her spouse crushed Melanie, she also exhibited incredible grit and resiliency.

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