Was S Club 7 Paul Cattermole Gay? Partner Hannah Spearritt

Paul Cattermole gay topic has left everyone confused, but there is no fact about it. Let’s get to know everything about his personal life.

Paul Cattermole was a prominent singer and Actor born in St Albans, Hertfordshire, England. The late singer was mainly famous for being a member of the British pop group S Club 7.

He has been active in the entertainment line since 1999 and has given his best in this field. He was with S Club 7 from 1999 until his departure in 2002.

However, Cattermole came to the band in 2014 for their reunion tour. The band’s albums are SClub (1999), 7 (2000), Sunshine (2001), and Seeing Double (2002).

Following his death on April 6, 2023, fans and followers have been asking questions about his personal life, which we’ve discussed below in depth.

Fact Check: Was S Club 7 Paul Cattermole Gay?

No, S Club 7’s member Paul Cattermole was not gay, but since his passing, netizens have been curiously asking questions related to his sexuality.

As we know, Paul was never married in his life and didn’t have kids too. Due to that, some social media users began asking questions if Paul was gay. However, there is no fact about it.

paul cattermole gay
Paul Cattermole was snapped with other S Club 7 group members. ( Source: The Mirror )

Paul was a straight man, and he was dear to many people. Meanwhile, he was also a private guy who used to keep his matters to himself rather than share everything with the media.

Apart from that, Paul had an open relationship with a lady. So, let’s meet his partner below.

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Meet Paul Cattermole Partner Hannah Spearritt – Relationship Timeline

The late singer Paul Cattermole had a romantic relationship with Hannah Spearritt, an English Actress and singer who is also an original member of the pop group S Club 7.

They had seven years feud but dated for several years. The former pair first dated back in 2001 and ended their seven-year feud in 2022 after secretly meeting for a coffee in January, where they decided they would put their past behind them ahead of the S Club 7 reunion.

paul cattermole and hannah spearritt
Paul Cattermole and Hannah Spearritt dated for a long time, and their relationship was loved by many. ( Source: The Mirror )

Paul and Hannah kept their relationship private for six months, finally making it public in 2001. Paul revealed he would sneak to and from Spearritt’s home during the early morning hours to avoid being spotted by fans.

They parted for almost ten years but rekindled their love in June 2015. During that time, they were spotted kissing on the London Underground. However, they separated in November 2015.

Despite that, we can say that they may have a good friendship, and Paul’s tragic death has left everyone shattered.

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Paul Cattermole Cause of Death Update

Following Paul Cattermole’s death on April 6, 2023, fans are eager to know about his death cause, but it has not been confirmed yet. He was found on April 6 at his home in Dorset and was pronounced dead later that afternoon.

Paul Cattermole Cause of Death
Paul Cattermole received a tribute from one of his fans. ( Source: Twitter )

Dorset Police has reported that there were no suspicious occasions. The family seems to be seeking privacy now, and they may release a statement soon. 

Reportedly, Cattermole was seen smiling as he walked in the woods near his UK House just a day before he was found dead.

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