What Happened To Chris Pryme QVC’s Husband

Chris Pryme is a well-known businesswoman and pastry chef who gained media prominence through her association with LocknLock on QVC. Pryme devoted 21 years of her career to QVC, and her recent retirement announcement has been circulating widely on the internet. You can find her on Instagram under the username @chrisprymeqvc, where she has accumulated a following of more than 22k people. Recently, news about her husband’s passing has also surfaced online, sparking curiosity about the reasons behind her retirement. However, specific details regarding her husband’s cause of death remain undisclosed, as Pryme has not publicly discussed this matter.

Chris Pryme QVC

QVC Chris Pryme Husband Obituary

Online discussions and threads have emerged on platforms like Shop QVC, where people have shared their thoughts on Chris’ retirement. On August 22, 2023, Pryme posted a video on Instagram announcing her retirement, and in that video, she mentioned her husband’s passing. Despite sharing this tragic news, she did not provide any details about the circumstances of her husband’s death. Many people have expressed concern about her husband’s passing, and it is possible that Pryme may provide updates in the future. As of now, no official obituary for Pryme’s husband has been released by media outlets.

Chris Pryme QVC husband

However, social media has been inundated with tributes and condolences for the Pryme family. One Instagram user wrote, “Chris, sorry to hear the news about your husband. The best to you in your new adventures. Keep posting. Will someone be taking over as the spokesperson for Lock n Lock on QVC? Love the product. My pantry is all lock and lock.” Chris Pryme is embarking on a new chapter in her life, marked by her retirement from a distinguished 21-year career at QVC. Pryme revealed her decision via an Instagram video, attributing her retirement, in part, to a back injury. While she has not disclosed specific details about her future endeavors, Pryme has assured her followers that more updates will follow.


This announcement of Pryme’s retirement has evoked a wave of emotions among her fans, leaving them feeling somber about her departure. Supportive messages and well-wishes have flooded the comments sections of her social media posts, demonstrating the depth of admiration and affection her followers hold for her. Colleagues, including David Venable, a fellow QVC personality, have also taken to social media to express their sentiments regarding Pryme’s retirement. In a heartfelt message on Facebook, Venable shared a photo of himself with Pryme and conveyed his best wishes, saying, “Hi, friends! Please join me in wishing Chris Pryme all the best in her retirement. Chris, I will miss you every single day. I’m so happy that our friendship will continue, but I will miss having you at the Q. All my love!” This genuine outpouring of support and fond farewells underscores the profound impact Chris Pryme has had not only on her colleagues but also on her dedicated audience during her illustrious tenure at QVC.

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