What Happened To Ken Roczen? Accident & Injury Update 2023

What happened to Ken Roczen? The rider recently injured his knee at a 450 main event in Salt Lake City.

Ken Roczen is a professional motocross and supercross racer of German nationality. Since beginning his racing career in 2009, Roczen has amassed enormous fame and success.

From 2009 to 2011, the Mattstedt native participated in the Motocross World Championships, and since 2012, he has done so in the AMA Motocross Championships.

He is the winner of several prestigious titles, such as the Motocross des Nations, the Monster Energy Cup, the 250-class West Supercross, the MX2-class Motocross World Championship, and two AMA Motocross titles in the 450-class.

Ken has been forced to step back in the 450SX Main Event due to a severe injury.

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What Happened To Ken Roczen? Accident and Injury Update Now

Due to an injury sustained in the 450SX Main Event, Ken Roczen missed the opportunity to advance in the championship rankings.

What Happened To Ken Roczen
Prominent German motocross and supercross racer Ken Roczen injured his knee in the 450SX Main Event in Salt Lake City. (Image Source: Racer X)

The prominent rider sustained an injury in the 2023 AMA Supercross season. He injured his leg in the opening phases of the 450 main in Salt Lake City, immediately pulled off the course in excruciating pain, and headed to the pits.

During the crash, he nearly fell and appeared to have hyper-extended. The German star claimed on the broadcast that he severely hyperextended his left knee.

He said that before deciding to withdraw from the race, he initially intended to finish it to earn the few points required to take third place in the overall standings.

However, the pain forced him to withdraw from the race. The AMA Motocross champion said he had never had a knee injury before and was unsure what it felt like. “It’s clear that something isn’t right,” Roczen added.

It has been reported that The 2022 World Supercross Champion will undergo an examination to determine the extent of his injury.

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Ken Roczen Previous Injuries

Ken Roczen began the 2018 AMA Supercross Championship season in a good state. He was prepared to ascent to the top.

The Mattstedt native made it through most of the year, improving each week and appearing to be gaining shape.

What happened To Ken Roczen
Ken Roczen sustained a severely injured right arm in 2018. (Image Source: HRC)

Unfortunately, on February 10th, 2018, Roczen crashed badly again in San Diego while attempting to overtake Cooper Webb.

His back wheel was spinning as he entered a turn to prepare to pass Cooper Webb when he suddenly hooked a rut, gaining too much traction and hitting Cooper Webb’s bike at the same time.

This caused Ken to fall off his bike, and his arm was dragged into Cooper Webb’s rear wheel before being shot back free.

His right hand required surgery to fix the fractured bones, dislocated metacarpals, and torn ligaments.

Due to yet another catastrophic injury, the German rider was sidelined for the remainder of the Supercross season.

Ken had more time to allow his left arm to recover from the crash from the year before. Also, Ken healed in time and participated in the 2018 Motocross Championship, finishing in third.

For the 2023 AMA Supercross season, Roczen joined the Suzuki factory team again. He earned his first victory for the HEP Suzuki team.

It was recently confirmed Roczen will compete in the World Supercross Championship for the next three years. He will also defend his title this year, which ends his AMA Pro Motocross career.

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