What Happened To Stephanie Villella? Know More About the incident

On Wednesday, March 2nd 2023, CTV Kitchener reporter Stephanie Villella was struck by a vehicle while covering an incident south of Guelph. She was standing inside the barricade at Brock and Maltby roads when she was hit by a sedan driven by an elderly motorist. Keep reading more.

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Who Was Stephanie Villella?

Stephanie Villella began her career as a print journalist in 2009 in Waterloo Region. She then moved to television journalism in 2011 with Rogers TV and later joined the CBC News Network as a reporter/editor for the show “The National”. After that, she joined the CTV Kitchener team in 2013 where she worked until her untimely death. During her time with CTV, she covered important stories such as the flooding of Lake Ontario, the transportation corridor project in Cambridge, and many more.

Villella also served on boards for local organizations such as Regeneration Outreach Community and Impact Kitchener. In recognition of her hard work and dedication to these causes, she received several awards including the United Way Media Award for Excellence in Community Service Reporting (2015) and an honourable mention for Best Local Story from RTDNA Canada (2016).

What actually happened?

Stephanie Villella, a CTV Kitchener reporter, was struck by a sedan-driven elderly motorist on Wednesday while covering an earlier two-vehicle crash at Brock and Maltby roads. Witnesses said that Villella was precisely standing inside a road closed barricade when the incident happened. The driver, who remained at the scene even after the collision, was said to have hit Villella accidentally. Although the driver is still unknown, it has been confirmed that Villella suffered serious injuries as a result of the unfortunate accident. However, none of the others that were involved in the original two-vehicle crash were harmed.

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