What happened to Zakir Farrukh and Abbas Bukhari? Accident update

Famous internet personality Zakir Syed Farrukh Abbas Shah reportedly met a tragic accident recently. Yes, you heard it right, Zakir Syed Farrukh Abbas Shah was involved in a road accident on Wednesday, August 30, 2023. In fact, the team of Zakir Syed Farrukh Abbas Shah confirmed the news of his accident. Later, many pictures of Zakir Syed Farrukh Abbas Shah showing external injuries and bruises to his face went viral on the internet leaving people in a frenzy to know what happened to him. As people are distressed after coming across Zakir Syed Farrukh Abbas Shah’s accident pictures, we have come up with this column to share updates on his health. Know what happened to Zakir Syed Farrukh Abbas Shah and what were the circumstances surrounding his accident, in the following sections. Keep reading this article for more details.

Zakir Farrukh Abbas Bukhari

Zakir Farrukh and Abbas Bukhari accident

On Wednesday morning, news broke out that Zakir Syed Farrukh Abbas Shah was involved in a road accident. Later, his team used Zakir Syed Farrukh Abbas Shah’s official Facebook account to address the incident. His team said that he met a road mishap between Bilksar and Kallar. The post reads, “A little while ago Zakir Syed Farrukh Abbas Shah had a road accident between Kallar Kahar and Bilksar. Request for prayers from all friends, loved ones, and believers” Swipe down the page and know further details.

Reportedly, Zakir Abbas sustained many severe injuries on his body in the accident but he did not break his bones but has serious injuries to his face, sparking concerns over his health. As people saw distressing images of the accident scene, they were left worried about his health. However, Zakir was immediately taken to the hospital after the crash. After receiving medical attention, his team posted an update regarding his health condition, “Alhamdulillah Syed is completely fine. The injuries have come a lot, there were many injuries on the face as well, but thankfully the bones, etc. were saved, and the owners kept them in their shelter” Shift to the next section and know more details.

His team confirmed this morning that Zakir Syed Farrukh Abbas Bukhari is completely fine. He is currently with his friends and family members who are taking care of him. Zakir only needs your prayers for his speedy recovery. According to his team, Zakir also underwent facial surgery last night, which has been successful with the prayers of all believers. Stay tuned.

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