What Is The Name Of Senohe Matsoara Father? G4S Employee Family Ethnicity

The public has been curious about Senohe Matsoara’s Father, especially after his involvement in the Thabo Bester case.

An unnamed victim was allegedly killed on purpose in March by Zolile Sekeleni and Senohe Matsoara, a prison warden placed on administrative leave.

The two guys showed up in a magistrate’s court in the South African city of Bloemfontein.

Two individuals allegedly assisted Thabo Bester in escaping from Mangaung Correctional Center in May 2022. One of whom was Dr. Nandipha Magudumana’s Father, Zolile Sekeleni, and the other were sacked by G4S prison officer Senohe Matsoara.

It appears that Zolile Sekeleni and Senohe Matsoara are facing serious charges, including murder, defeating the ends of justice, and aiding an escape, with Matsoara facing an additional charge of arson for the Fire in the cell.

Senohe Matsoara Father: What Is His Name?

Senohe Matsoara was born and raised in South Africa. His Father’s name is not publicly known, and little information about his family is available. 

Senohe Matsoara work
Before being fired in 2022, Senohe Matsoara was working in Bloemfontein. (Source: sowetanlive.co.za)

However, it is known that Matsoara had been working as a security guard for G4S, one of the world’s largest security companies. His involvement in the Thabo Bester case has brought him to the public eye and raised questions about his family and background.

Matsoara has not publicly spoken about his Father, and there are no reports of him being involved in the Thabo Bester case.

It is common for individuals’ family members to be kept out of the public eye, especially in cases that involve controversy or legal proceedings. 

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However, it is important to respect his privacy and refrain from spreading rumors or making assumptions about his family.

Senohe Matsoara Family: His Ethnicity And Origin

Senohe Matsoara’s family and ethnicity have also been scrutinized following his involvement in the Bester case. 

Thabo Bester
In 2011, Thabo Bester was escorted out of the holding cells at the Durban Magistrates Court by a police officer. (Source: bbc.com)

While there is little information available about his family, it is known that he is of African descent and has been living in South Africa for most of his life.

G4S is a multinational security Company with a presence in over 90 countries. The Company has a diverse workforce, with employees from different ethnicities and backgrounds. 

In South Africa, G4S has been actively recruiting from the local population, focusing on creating job opportunities for the disadvantaged.

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The involvement of a G4S employee in the Bester case has raised questions about the Company’s hiring policies and security procedures. 

G4S Guard Senohe Matsoara Accused of Helping Escaped Convict

It was reported that a Fire had broken out in Bester’s cell, which allowed him to escape. 

He was later caught in Tanzania, along with celebrity doctor Nandipha Magudumana. It is alleged that Senohe Matsoara, a G4S security guard, helped Bester escape. 

This suspicion arose because Matsoara had recently bought a new car, despite having a modest salary as a security guard. Two central control room officials were also fired for failing to follow established policies and procedures and for not reporting the events promptly. 

The dismissed officials are now taking G4S to the CCMA (Commission for Conciliation, Mediation, and Arbitration).

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Fellow prison guards had reported that he was seen with Bester before the escape and acted suspiciously in the days leading up to it.

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