What Is Wilfredo Gonzales Religion? Family Tree

Wilfredo Gonzales religion is the current hot topic on the internet. Find out more facts regarding his faith and family tree in this article.

Wilfredo Gonzales is a former cop with more than 20 years of service who served at the Quezon City Police District (QCPD).

He came into the media prominence after his August 8, 2023 incident.

Furthermore, Gonzales made headlines when a video showing him brandishing his handgun at an unidentified cyclist in a bike lane circulated on various social media platforms.

Reports said the incident happened near Welcome Rotonda at the City of Manila and Quezon City boundary on August 8, and Wilfredo surrendered to the police by August 27, 2023.

As the investigation of Gonzales is going on, people are asking many questions related to his personal life.

What Is Wilfredo Gonzales Religion? Faith Explored

Wilfredo Gonzales religion is among people’s search. However, it remains unclear what religion he follows. Wilfredo just came into the spotlight due to his recent incident.

At the time of this post, the verified media sources have also not given any hints about Gonzales’ faith. Furthermore, Gonzales is from the Philippines.

According to an online report, Christianity is the main faith in the Philippines, making up approximately 90% of the population. 

Wilfredo Gonzales Religion
Wilfredo Gonzales religion is among people’s search, but the fact has not been shared yet. (Source:; Interaksyon)

Being from the same nation, it is believed that Gonzales may follow the main religion. However, nothing can be confirmed at the time of this post.

As people’s concern has been raised regarding the personal life of Wilfredo, more updates may be available in the coming years.

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A Look At Wilfredo Gonzales Family Tree

Just like the topic of Wilfredo Gonzales religion, netizens are eager to know further facts regarding his family background. It is known that Gonzales is from the Philippines.

Apart from that, there are no further details regarding Gonzales’ personal matters, as his name started to make headlines after his video went viral on the internet.

Wilfredo Gonzales Family
Wilfredo Gonzales’ video has gone viral on various social media platforms. (Source: Twitter)

He came to the national attention when a video of Gonzales brandishing his handgun at an unidentified cyclist in a bike lane circulated publicly.

The video from the same incident has been shared by many people on social media. With that, people are eager to know about Wilfredo’s family background.

Meanwhile, the cyclist’s son EB has come forward in the media seeking justice for his dad, who was assaulted.

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Where Is Wilfredo Gonzales Now?

By August 27, 2023, Wilfredo Gonzales surrendered following the incident. On August 28, Mayor Belmonte appealed to the cyclist to come forward to hold Wilfredo accountable.

On September 1, the LTO issued a press release stating that Wilfredo did not appear during the scheduled August 31, 2023 hearing, stating that he had instead sent his son to submit his driver’s license. 

Wilfredo Gonzales Now
Upon discovering the incident, Wilfredo Gonzales’ employment was already terminated on August 27, 2023. (Source: Facebook)

As a result, the LTO stated that they would decide on Gonzales’ case based solely on the available evidence, and he could potentially lose his driver’s license permanently as the maximum penalty.

Apart from that, it can be said that Gonzales is now at home, but the police department will give more updates regarding his case as the investigation continues. 

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